March Birchbox 2015 Review

I have been subscribing to Birchbox for exactly one year this month. I keep getting Birchbox if for no other reason but for their amazing points system that allows me to get a lot of items for free every couple of months simply by leaving a basic review on their website for the items I get in my monthly shipments. You can find more information about the points system on their website or in some of my previous reviews

Birchbox costs 10.00 per month and you will receive about five items which always come in a beautiful box! Birchbox also allows you to select one of your samples each month by sending you an email in advance. 

I will admit I am a huge fan of the boxes, and always keep them and reuse them in one way or another. Earlier this year however Birchbox gave us a hint to be sure to save our boxes, in case we already do not, as they have something planned for us to do with them. I am guessing it involves a repurposing craft of some sort. I can’t wait to see what they have planned! If you are not already saving your boxes, start now! 

Okay so on with what I received in my March box: 

March Birchbox 2015 Review
First Looks 

I absolutely love this month’s box, but April’s box is even prettier and I can’t wait to get it. Sure I am excited about a box, why not, I am not that crafty but even I have found unique and fun things to do with my boxes after I take my samples out. First look at the open box in the photo on the upper right, lower left corner is a cardboard envelope with two items in it, I always open this first because I am always excited to see what they tucked inside. I am not sure why some of the items come in this extra envelope but it does lend to some added excitement. The two items in this envelope are Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle, for hair, which I have received before either in Birchbox or another beauty box. It is a solid product that I like using so it is okay to get another sample of it I suppose. Then we have Vasanti Brighten Up! Again an item I have already received and tried before either from Birchbox or another beauty box. It is another good item, but I was not as excited to get this duplicate. 

March Birchbox 2015 Review
Product Card Included

With every box you get a product card which tells us what we got in our box, full size price, and extra info about the product itself such as what it is and how to use it. I like getting the product cards so I don’t have to go research each and every item in my box. 

March Birchbox 2015 Review
More Samples

My last three items are TempleSpa Peace Be Still Calming Face & Body lotion. I found it interesting you can use it on your face and body. I was excited to smell this because of it’s name I was expecting something super soothing, something unique, maybe something that smelled like the ocean, or really breezy and natural, but I was let down by the lack of any scent at all. Granted, I do prefer naturally “perfumed” products to synthetic, so a light scent would have been fine, but I just don’t smell anything at all. I suppose lack of fragrance in a lotion, especially one going on the face is a positive for the most part, but I was not planning to use it on my face, so was hopeful for a light, ocean like smelling body lotion. This for me is just not that exciting. 

The Jelly Pong Pong Glow Glitter has to be one of the more unique items I have received in a Birchbox and I was pretty excited to give it a try. It is a small size but a little goes a long way. The “glitter” aspect is more like a frosted eyeshadow appearance on the skin, and works very well on the brow line or even as an eyeshadow, however using it on my checks it sort of got lost in the tone of my skin. Only a faint glow, no real “glitter” which is absolutely fine with me, I prefer not to glitter that much really. Overall a cute idea, cute product, a little added fun to the daily routine, but I have used much more effective highlighters. I also am not a huge fan of the application being just like a nail polish brush. Either way, I like getting different and unusual items and since I would not have bought this for myself I was happy to give it a try. I will use it, but would not purchase once it is gone.  

Last we have Harvey Prince Hello perfume. Sigh. I have received so many samples of this I just do not need or want another. It’s a nice scent, don’t get me wrong, if I didn’t already have enough of it I would have loved it, but I do not receive many perfume samples from Birchbox as I have my preferences set to get no more than 6 per year. I like to select my own perfumes to sample for myself. Also Birchbox seems to love to send these Harvey Prince samples, which again great scent, good product, good company, natural, etc but ugggg please don’t send me anymore. 

So overall – two duplicate items, one item that didn’t live up to what I had hoped it would be, one interesting, fun, item that I will enjoy using until it is gone, and one item I never want to see again, which I guess makes that three duplicate items, not two. 

So is it worth it? Heck yes! Okay first this box is only 10.00 and sure I could put that toward something else, but that 10.00 really pays off. I get a pretty box, okay I know some of you are shaking your heads, but I like them. I get to try new things some of the time, and I enjoy that. I like getting mail, come on admit it, you do too! Most of all the point’s system is amazing! I get 10 points for each short review on the Birchbox site. 100 points equals 10.00 to spend in their shop. That means every 2 months I have 10.00 to spend. I usually save up until I have at least 20.00 or more to spend, plus they are often offering discount codes, or you can get free extras in their bonus shop depending on what you “purchase” with your points. This means, when I plan things out right, and am patient, I can get up to 50.00 worth of product for free. Since I am an “Ace” which is easy to become if you subscribe monthly. 

Check out Birchbox for yourself, I think you would enjoy it.

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