Glossybox April 2015 Review

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Well ladies it is with great sadness that this will be my last Glossybox for awhile. I adore Glossybox and have loved every single one of them I have received over the past four months. 

I had purchased a three month subscription but it ran out, however in those three months, simply by taking their surveys and earning Glossydots, I was able to get my forth box FREE! This is my forth box! 

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I just need to take a spending break for awhile and focus on catching up from some pretty heavy and unexpected expenses since the beginning of this past year. 

So let’s check out April’s Glossybox … get ready to swoon! 
First off we start with a killer looking box! I have seen this art before, and it is so fun and colorful. This could easily be hung up on a wall, or maybe someone more creative than myself could think of something cool to do with it. 

Glossybox April 2015 Review
April’s Box Art – Glossybox

If you are not sure what Glossybox is, in short, it is a monthly subscription service in which you receive five (or more) very nice items, based on a very well rounded style profile. I feel Glossybox follows your style profile better than other beauty boxes, and for that I give them kudos! 

The box costs 21.00 per month unless you subscribe to a plan in which you can pay as low as 18.50 per box, which is a steal! This is what your basic curated box looks like:

Glossybox April 2015 Review
Classic Glossybox

If you do not subscribe, and purchase monthly, you may miss out on the special curated boxes that they send to subscribers but the classic boxes are amazing too! 

May’s special curated box is Mother’s Day themed which comes with six full sized products! 

May's Glossybox Mother's Day Theme
May’s Glossybox – Mother’s Day Theme

I am a little sad I won’t be receiving this box, but let’s get on to checking out April’s box!

Glossybox April 2015 Review
First Look Inside

I always love that Glossybox is so pretty both on the outside and the inside. Everything is always tied up in a pretty ribbon, the insert card is large and in full color, and its just a real treat every month.

Glossybox April 2015 Review
Insert Card Full Color Fold Out

So, let’s examine the contents! 

Glossybox April 2015 Review
Dark Spit Corrector – Oh Yes! 

First we have Estee Lauder Enlighten Dark Spot Correcting Night Serum. I know I need dark spot correcting for sure. I think a lot of women my age do. What I like about Glossybox is that they don’t send everyone the exact same items. I am not sure how many women received this product, but it does go well with my personal style profile. 

Glossybox April 2015 Review
A Spring Scent

Then we have Waterlily Sun, a perfume. I actually love perfume, but on some of the subscription boxes I have elected not to receive any because they only send tiny sample vials. Granted this is not a big bottle, but it is a lot bigger than the samples sent in other boxes. The packaging on this product is so beautiful! 

The perfume is nice, not going on my wish-list to purchase, but I enjoy its “welcome to spring” like scent. 

Glossybox April 2015 Review
Fix Those Split Ends! 

Next up is Marrakesh Argan & Help Oil Therapy for Split Ends. Love it! Yes I have already received a billion different argan oils, to be honest, when I first saw this I was so over it due to the multitude of argan oils I already have in my sample collection. But once I used it I was in love. The scent is amazing, and it really has already repaired some of my split, and frayed ends. Great product! 

Glossybox April 2015 Review
This Truly IS a Mystery! 

Okay, ladies, this to me truly is a real mystery. It’s a card, offering a discount to the shop who made the cosmetic bag photoed below, Thursday Friday. So the card can not be combined with any other discounts, which is fine, but when I go to find out what my card is worth, a pop up shows up on the screen offering me 50% off if I sign up for the websites emails. I am thinking WOW 50% off is HUGE, what is my card worth, I wonder. So I stick something in my cart, and then enter the code to find out. I was offered …. 50% off! So here is my pondering … what is the big deal about the 50% off with the card if the website is already offering me 50% off? Some people only received a card with 20% off which is a little disappointing when you can get a better discount just for signing up for emails from them, especially since you can unsubscribe right after if you wanted to. So truly, I think this was a big miss, or at least miscommunication between Glossybox and Thursday Friday. 

Glossybox April 2015 Review

The last item I received in my Glossybox is in fact from Thursday Friday, its this cute makeup bag. I really appreciate the quality that goes into their work. I know that this bag is going to hold up well through my torturous use. I think it is a really smart addition to the Glossybox since another makeup sub box sends a makeup bag with every shipment, but their products do not match up to those of Glossybox, which is reflected in the lower cost of that subscription. 

Overall ladies, I do love Glossybox. You can pretty much count on every three or four months getting all full sized product, and every month the products are excellent. I also want to mention again how well they follow your style profile. 

I also have had no bad experiences with their customer service. I get replies to all of my inquiries, and I am one of those “high need” customers haha, it may take about two days to hear back, but I always do, and have always had any small issues worked out easily. 

If you are considering signing up for a new beauty subscription I highly suggest them. 

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