Eclipse Sun Sleeves Review

Disclosure: I received product in order to facilitate this review. 

I have super sensitive skin, including to sun damage because I am pale, like vampire pale! Seriously though no matter your skin tone, we are all waiting victims of the sun. While of course the sun provides us some good vitamin D which we all need, it also has damaging UV rays which we need protection from. 

However, if you are into sports, we also want something breathable, something that will wick moisture, and allow air flow! 

Enter Eclipse Sun Sleeves! These wonderful things protect our skin from damaging rays while allowing our skin to breathe and do those activities that long sleeve shirts could inhibit! 

Here is some info from Eclipse Sun Sleeves: 

For years, dermatologists have observed that patients in the US often have more sun damage and incidence of skin cancer on the left side than on the right. Why? Because of ultraviolet A (UVA) radiation penetrating through car windows. UPF50+ sun protective sleeves are designed to cover the arms up to the shoulder and the backs of the hands, which are particularly vulnerable to sun exposure and often left unprotected.  

Eclipse Sun Sleeves are made of patented UPF 50+ performance fabric that is lightweight, moisture wicking and quick-drying. The fabric is stretchy, so the sleeves stay in place even with a vigorous golf swing. 

Ideal for Golfing, hiking, driving and many other outdoor activities.
Offered in three sizes and 10 colors. Unisex. Retail price: $26.95. 

Eclipse Sun Sleeves Review
Great Colors and Patterns Offered! 

Q and A from Eclipse: 

Why Eclipse Sun Products? Sunblock lotions are effective, aren’t they?

The jury is still out on the safety and effectiveness of sun lotions. We just don’t know how well they protect us and they burden our bodies with chemicals. Clothing is the best way to protect yourself from harmful UV rays. 

How does the patented Cocona 37.5 Technology work? 

Active particles permanently embedded in the fibers have a chemical structure that absorbs UV light and provides natural UPF 50+ protection. The protection does not wash out. 

Will the sun sleeves stay up my arm? 

The polyester/spandex blend achieves just the right hugging fit to stay up your arm during even the most vigorous activity. 

Will the hand portion fit under a glove? 

The sheer fabric fits easily under a golf, cycling or gardening glove and you will find the moisture is wicked away from your hands and palms. Or you can roll the hand portion up to the wrist. 

Similar products stop at the wrist. Why the hand coverage? 

The back of the hand is one of the most neglected areas when it comes to sun protection. The option of full hand coverage is the Eclipse Sun Sleeve difference!

Eclipse Sun Sleeves Review
Perfect for Golfing!

Personally at first I was not honestly sure the point of these but now I totally get it! They are very comfortable, they are very flexible, and I have to say, I am one of those people who are always cold! I need sleeves! They do keep the cool chill off when it is chilly outside, yet when it is hot they allow my skin to breathe which you can’t get from a jacket usually. IN addition they are not restricting for that golf swing! A lot of sports require you be free from restriction, such as tennis, heck even fishing for that matter.

Even for driving they are very good to have. I have been on road trips and got trucker arm – you know when ONE arm is tan and the other is pale! Haha with Eclipse Sun Sleeves you can protect your skin from the sun and that awkward looking trucker arm!

If you garden, participate in summer sports, or take road trips, check out Eclipse Sun Sleeves today! They also have some really unique products for children as well.

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