Infinite Beauty Box Drawing

Update to post: I have removed links and am sorry to say that I do not believe this subscription box is in business any longer. 

Ladies I just posted my review of Infinite Beauty along with a video unboxing and I am so excited to say that Infinite Beauty is sponsoring a drawing for their May box! 

Please go check out the unboxing article and see what all of my excitement is about! 

Infinite Beauty Box Drawing

May’s Box focus is on Lupus and will include a BONUS ITEM in addition to the other items you receive. The bonus item is Sunscreen but like all of the products Infinite Beauty sends us it will be vegan, cruelty free, earth friendly, organic, and all natural! 

Important Message from Infinite Beauty

Did you know that putting chemicals on your skin can be far worse than ingesting them? When you eat something the enzymes in your saliva and stomach help break it down and flush it out of your body. When the chemical cocktail is delivered into your blood stream via your skin, however, it bypasses this built-in protective filtration process, so you have decreased protection against the toxins. Choose organic, not because it’s the new black, but because your health depends on it.
So now, Lets get to the drawing entries! 

Infinite Beauty Box Drawing

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