Birchbox Review April 2015 Rifle Paper Co. Box

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April’s Birchbox brings us a simply perfectly pretty box designed by Rifle Paper Co. and ladies, I swear I will find something lovely to do with this box. Although I as I mentioned in other reviews, Birchbox has told us to hold onto all of our boxes, as they are supposed to have some surprise related to them later in the year, so for now I will hold off doing anything with it and see what Birchbox comes up with for us. 

I also opted in for the 2 additional upgrade items in Birchbox’s Beta program. For 20.00 extra per month you receive two full sized items based on your style profile. Personally so far it seems everyone has received the same two upgrade items, so I am not sure how much our profiles are being used for this, but I do like the two upgrade items I received. This makes my monthly Birchbox 30.00 USD.

Birchbox April 2015 Review
Rifle Paper Co Box Design

Doesn’t the design of the box just scream springtime? I love it, and think it is the pretties box so far this year. Now granted, it is what is on the inside that counts, but a pretty box goes a long way with me. So, let’s check out the contents …

Birchbox April 2015 Review
Pretty Matching Card Insert

Okay so we are not to the actual samples yet, but the insert card, which tells us about each sample in the box is also just beautiful! Eye candy all around with the April 2015 Birchbox! 

Birchbox April 2015
The “Menu”

Ack! Another teaser, still not the actual samples, rather the “menu” of the contents of the box. Looks like a menu the way I cropped the photo anyway. This is what is in my April 2015 Birchbox. 

Birchbox April 2015 Review
First Look April 2015 Birchbox

So here is the first look as I opened my box. The first thing I see is that stunning lilac color of the nail polish. What an interesting container as well. Of course there is always the cardboard folder like thing that contains a couple other items as well. Since I really never look at the “menu” before digging into the box, what lives in the envelope is always a surprise. Now I do check my box sneak peek before my box arrives, I can’t help myself, however I have received items other than what is in my sneak peek in the past, so regardless, I am always looking at my box with an open mind and fresh eyes.

Birchbox April 2015 Review
First Items … Hummmm

I don’t know how I feel about these two items. I am very particular as to what I use for shampoo and conditioner, and I have a couple brands I am very loyal to and love. I also color treat my hair so I am not sure if this is good for color treated hair or not. My husband can use it though, and it does smell nice.

Birchbox April 2015 Review

First, I love this color! Second, it is a cream! Don’t be like me and try putting it on your cheeks with a brush. Well okay, it did work, but I had no idea it was a cream until I had already put my brush into it. It is for cheeks and lips. I love products that have multiple uses. Personally, it does not show up well on my lips, but I love it as a cheek stain! I put the quarter on the product to show you how small it is. This is my only semi complaint. I never like it when blushes are tiny because it is hard to get your brush into it, however after realizing it is a cream that complaint is invalid. Still since I love the color, I do wish it were larger, but hey the whole point is sampling items so we can buy the full size of the things we love. This goes into my wish list on Brichbox

Birchbox April 2015 Review
Again I LOVE These Colors! 

So when I saw the sneek peek of these at Birchbox in my April Box viewing, I was not too excited. I do like the brand, but I figured they were just repeats of colors I already have. I was wrong! These are far more peachy than brown, and have a lovely apricot type hue to them. I am in love with this mini set and I like that each color is the size of a quarter, so more than a sample in my book. The full Pop Beauty Palette is only 26.00 which is a steal but I believe these “sample” sizes are a bit larger than the pods you get in the full size kit, even though you get all 36 colors in the full size. The Pop Beauty Eyeshadow Kit does get some amazing reviews as well. My only complaint with this sample is that it is difficult for me to open. 

Birchbox April 2015

Honestly, I am not jumping for joy over this one. I have a few samples of this already. I am not saying it isn’t good stuff, but I really do not use the samples I already have that often. The packaging of this specific sample is quite different however, so I almost didn’t realize it was exactly what I already had.

Birchbox April 2015 Review
Better Than I Expected! 

Okay so when I saw I was getting the typical black mascara I was not happy. I have said in other blog posts how sick I am of getting black mascara in sub boxes. I am eating my words! I love Lord & Berry mascara! Even when I first opened it and saw that thin tiny brush, I was just bummed. Until I tried it. I can not express to you how perfect this mascara is for making what I call “Betty Boop” eyes! My daughter even complimented me the first time I put it on saying that she has never seen my lower lashes so full before. I am impressed! Good job Birchbox! Plus I got the full size as this was one of my two upgrade items. 

This may or may not replace my coveted They’re Real mascara but I will always want to have this in my makeup stash from here on out. 

Birchbox Review April 2015
Done in Minutes! 

To the credit of Lord & Berry Mascara, I literally slapped my face on in minutes. I was rushing out to get to the store, and did not have time to really play or experiment with this mascara, or any of my makeup. I know if I took a little more time my lashes would be even more outstanding. Either way, I love them! 

My last item, which is my second full size item is from Smith & Cult. This is that lovely lilac color nail polish I first noticed when opening my box.

Birchbox Review April 2015
Love a Product with My Name On It! 

Perfect since my last name is Smith haha, my name is right on this product! This color though ladies, I mean how perfect it is for spring! Also I just recently discovered I have a lilac bush / tree in my back yard so this is a double happy dance for me. On the product card it says “periwinkle” hue, to me it looks lilac. The color name on the packaging is “She Said Yeah”, whatever I love it regardless. You do absolutely need two coats or you get streaking. That is the only downside to this polish. 

I love the unique design of the container and it would look very pretty on a makeup table. Wish I had one to display it on! 

So there you have it. April 2015 Birchbox with Beta Upgrade Review. What do you think? I admit, I was not too amped about it until I got it and really took the time to test the items. I would say only one item was a bust for me, but only due to already having the specific product. While I was not thrilled with being unable to use the shampoo and conditioner, at least it will get used in my household. Otherwise a win all around! 

Now, is it worth the thirty dollars? This time yes, but only due to the Lord & Berry Mascara being amazing, and the color of the Smith & Cult nail polish being perfection and having such a pretty bottle! I think had either of these upgrade items been a miss I would not feel the same. 

Also I think Birchbox is finally listening that I want makeup, and more makeup, and MORE makeup in my boxes! I love both of the makeup samples I received this month – the eyeshadow and the cheek / lip stain. 

Birchbox Review April 2015
The Whole Schebang! 

I also can’t forget to mention that just by leaving simple reviews on the Birchbox website you get points. Points add up fast, and get you free product in the Birchbox shop, and they have a lot of goodies to choose from in there. 

Go grab your Birchbox today! 

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