March 2015 Resilience Box Review and Giveaway!

Update to post: I have removed links and am sorry to say that I do not believe this subscription box is in business any longer. 

Ladies, of all subscription boxes, this is the one box I feel empowered, and 100% good about getting. Not only does Resilience Box educate women on health issues we all need to be aware of, but Resilience Box gives back to the health conditions they help us become more aware about. 

From Resilience Box website:

Resilience box is a health and wellness box created by a nurse to help bring awareness to diseases plaguing women.
Each month a disease is chosen and the monthly box reflects the “must know” of that particular disease.
Boxes are decorated based on the color used to bring awareness and organic, gluten-free, natural, Non-GMO products, such as teas, snacks, herbs, oils, soaps… are packaged and sent to subscribers.
The aim is to help bring awareness while providing healthy snack options, spices and herbs used for the disease in question.
A portion of all orders is donated to an organization associated with the disease of the month.
Also included are TWO magazines that I love, because of their dedication to an organic and natural lifestyle.
We support small businesses and women own businesses by buying and showcasing some of their best products. Each month’s box contains 1-6 items, from the cream of the natural product crop.
We hope you enjoy every single bite, page and scent!
We believe education is KEY to prevention!

No guilt receiving this box! Okay maybe you never feel guilty about getting a sub box, but sometimes I do feel as if my money could go to better places, or maybe I have spent too much on myself. With Resilience Box you can rest assured that a portion of your box is going somewhere good, and as women we all need to stay up to date on health issues that effect women! So no more guilt, no more excuses, no more worries, you can get Resilience Box and feel good about yourself, and what you are doing for others.

With that said… ladies, I was blown away but this months box! 
March 2015 Resilience Box Review
END THE PAIN! Endometriosis Awareness. 

This month’s theme is about Endometriosis – I have heard of this before, but now I know a lot more about it! 

From Resilience Box:

Endometriosis is one of the most misdiagnosed disorder affecting women. Because its symptoms can look like that of other diseases, getting an accurate diagnosis, can prove difficult. 

Women suffering with endometriosis are at higher risk for receiving a diagnosis of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). For some, a diagnosis of IBS is usually received prior to confirm endometriosis. 

How can that be, endometriosis affects the reproductive system, right? Yes, but for many women, misplaced endometrial tissue is located alongside the large intestine. Inflammation associated with this tissue may cause bowel problems.

Read more here at the Resilience Box Website or subscribe now!  

March 2015 Resilience Box Review
Each Box Comes with a Print Out 

Each Resilience Box comes with a full color print out explaining what’s in the box! This month has so many amazing goodies! I swear each month gets better and better!  That makes sense though, since Resilience Box is a new box I am sure they are getting more supporters, brands involved, and you can look forward to at least a good number of goodies in your box from sweet to savory snacks, bath and or body care, health items, and always a hand out. 

March 2015 Resilience Box Review
Bring on the YUM! 

 As I dig into the box, I begin to find some amazing goodies! I pulled out a wrapped product and unwrapped it to find a vial filled with Castor Oil! I am thrilled with the Castor Oil and I mean come on … this container is amazing! This potion vial is solid glass and reusable once empty! I love this vial! I have another like it that I got from the Renaissance Festival a few years back. Ladies I paid 20.00 for the vial alone, and it was empty! Castor Oil is known for its healing properties and has been used for centuries for healing. It is appropriate to be housed in this potion vial. Resilience Box does not miss a beat in the way they package things! 

The savor snacks are welcome in our home, as we are always looking for healthier snacks! Love them! 

March 2015 Resilience Box Review

Okay can I just say THANK YOU Resilience Box for thinking of including a strainer for those of us who do not have one, and for those of us who do but want a dedicated strainer! Thank you! For me this is very important because while I do have a few strainers, my daughter and I use them for tea, and since my daughter is deathly allergic to Ginger we NEED a dedicated strainer for ginger. I would hate for my daughter to accidentally use one I used with ginger.  It’s a real bummer she is so allergic because before we found out that ginger was making her so ill she loved it. Alas, I have my own strainer and she will know this strainer is for my ginger since it looks totally different from the others we have. I have seen other boxes at times give out herbs, or loose leaf tea, but no strainer, and not everyone owns one. Good job Resilience Box! 

March 2015 Resilience Box Review
Bring on the Color! And TWO magazines! 
Every month Resilience Box includes a hand out, or magazines, but they always include TWO, one for you and one for a friend. I LOVE this! Last month they included a hand out on Heart Health Awareness, I gave the extra pamphlet to my mother. I think it is very thoughtful of Resilience Box to allow us to share our knowledge with loved ones. Thank you again Resilience Box. You know, they could cut corners, save some money by not handing out so much, but they don’t. They really DO care! 
I also got soap last month too. They send enough for you to share as well! I love their hand crafted soaps, which are all natural. They smell AMAZING as well. 
March 2015 Resilience Box Review
And it just keeps getting BETTER! 

Alright – so pretty good so far right? But Wait … there’s more (in true infomercial tone) … You also get YUMMIES!! Yes you already saw the savory treats but did you know you get candy, and or cereal bars, or both!? And drink mixes? HELLO! This cute little BonBon bag which is french for cookie. The BonBon bag is in every box (at least every box for me thus far) and always in a color that compliments the theme of the month. I think this month’s is super cute with a big bow! I can think of a ton of ways to reuse the BonBon bag! 

March 2015 Resilience Box Review
All of the Goods Together. Amazing! 
And here is everything together. What a box!! Resilience Box has started off with a bang! I am so happy for them, proud of them, and proud to be chosen to help them get started. Please check them out. I think of all sub boxes, and yes I subscribe to a few, love the ones I do subscribe to, and willing to test out any, but this has a meaning behind it, and there is nothing better than doing something good for yourself, and others! 
See more about them here. 
Now, one last announcement …. Resilience Box is sponsoring a giveaway right now, right here on this blog! Enter for your chance to win this very box!!

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