LeTote Review Spring Is On It’s Way!

Today the weather was nice again, so I decided to pull out an item I purchased from LeTote last summer. I paired it with another LeTote item, one of my favorites, which I have worn all winter long. 

The Kensie Plush Cardigan and BCBGeneration Hope Sweater Dress.

Honestly I have no idea who names these items. The cardigan is plush but this dress is anything but a sweater dress. With that said, I love both of these items and the cardigan helps me transition this dress from late winter / early spring into summer. 

I purchased the Hope Sweater Dress because it had dandelions on it, I love anything with dandelions. I bought the Kensie Cardigan because I desperately needed some nice cardigans to replace ugly hoodies I had been wearing to keep warm. The cardigan has served me well, I absolutely love it and probably wear it far too often, even though I have a few more cardigans in my wardrobe now, I just love the way this fits, the way it feels, and the way it swings. 

LeTote Review Spring Is On It's Way!

The Hope Dress (sorry I just can’t call it a sweater dress) is adorable with a bold print, and a whimsical racer back, you can style it many ways but I just wore a camisole underneath since I was planning to keep my Kensie cardi on all day, as even though we had spring like weather, I get cold easily and there was still a slight chill in the wind. Besides, I am so pale I could blind someone if I went without the cardi! 

LeTote Review Spring Is On It's Way!

I personally had my necklace on earlier full length – not doubled up – then my husband changed it because he did not like it worn long for some reason. I had forgotten he did this but personally I would have rather had it long. The necklace is one handed down from my great grandmother I believe, it has been in our family for a long time, perhaps it was my grandmother’s, hard to tell. I like the dash of color it brings to the grey, black, and white of the rest of the look, since you really can’t see my camisole. The boots are from Minnetonka. 

LeTote Review Spring Is On It's Way!

LeTote is a pretty cool subscription clothing service where you rent clothing and if you really love something they send you then you can opt to purchase it at a discounted rate. For example this cardigan full price is usually 79.00 but you can get it for 59.00 with the member discount via LeTote

There is a monthly fee to receive and wear the clothing in the tote, you can keep them as long as you want but each month you incur a new fee. With two day shipping each way, pre-paid (free) for your return back to LeTote you can actually get multiple totes every month. I think one month I was able to get five different totes. Granted if you really love the items in your tote you would want to keep and wear them longer. 

You can also see my past LeTote reviews for more details and information. 

Also LeTote has started something new which makes this deal even more amazing! I’ll let them tell you about it – from their blog:

LE TOTE memberships, just got a huge upgrade. We heard everyone’s feedback and now members can customize their tote! It’s super easy. Members receive an email 24 hours before the tote is ready to ship, then all they have to do is select the items they’d like to switch out or keep everything just the way it is! Final step? Click “Finalize my tote” to lock it in! We’ll ship the customized tote soon after. We’re pretty excited about this feature, because sometimes a cute date night dress doesn’t fit into our weekend plans!

Now how do you like THAT? I think it is amazing and on my last tote I was able to swap things out to where my tote contained three jackets / coats and one sweater. 

I know spring is on it’s way and obviously I am ready for it, but I just love coats and it still gets chilly around here so I figured why not, get one last dash at some killer jacket and coat looks before its too hot to wear them.

Oh and I will have some blog posts up soon on those! Especially what I like to call my “Breakfast Club” coat. Oh maybe I should not say my as I have not purchased it … yet.

If you like the idea of renting clothing, and being able to keep what you like after trying on, with no risk, check out LeTote today! 

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