Jewelry Roll Bag from Specialty Styles Review

Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review. 

As many of you may already know, I recently had to travel twice last month for my father in law’s progressing illness, and again for his funeral. During that time the last thing on my mind was accessorizing, but it’s a necessary thing when you have to dress for any event, even a funeral. It is not easy to safely pack your jewelry. I only wish that I had owned this handy accessory tool from Specialty Styles when I was packing. It would have made my life a lot easier and kept my jewelry a lot safer! 

It is a nifty thing called a Jewelry Roll

Here is some information from Specialty Styles:


A Jewelry Travel Organizer To Protect Your Jewelry
  • Keep all your jewelry in one area in your travel bags
  • Keep necklaces from tangling with 4 snaps top and bottom
  • has a soft fabric cover necklaces to keep them from being scratched
We are including two 4 inch pouches (UPC 701722727229). We realize many customers like to wear bracelets and larger jewelry pieces so we have included these with your purchase. The strings on the pouch can be put around the closure to keep all your jewelry together.
Jewelry travel bagThe problem of how to store your jewelry when traveling can be solved with this beautiful soft fabric jewelry travel organizer
  • Lightweight
  • Folds over with a snap
  • Small enough to place in carry-on bag or larger purse
  • 3 zippered pockets and area for ear rings
  • A padded ring bar with a snap closure to ensure your rings are safe.

Now I do recall jewelry rolls, but I really have not seen one since I was a child. I don’t know if they became a thing of the past, or if I was just totally out of the loop, but I swear I have not seen one since my mother had one back in the 1970’s! I wish I had remembered them and sought one out because there is nothing worse than being away from home, especially under stressful circumstance, and not able to get your delicate necklaces untangled or remembering where you put your rings! 

I also do not recall my mother’s jewelry roll having so many wonderful options for keeping jewelry safe, as hers was quite basic. 

This jewelry roll is perfect! It has a soft fabric so you won’t scratch your precious jewels, comes with two bags to store your larger statement necklaces and bangle bracelets, several zippered pockets, and plenty of places to put earrings, and rings. I love the snap closures for the necklaces keeping them untangled by having an upper and lower snap closure for the chains. 

Here are my photos:

Jewelry Roll Bag from Specialty Styles Review
Three Fold Jewelry Roll from Specialty Styles

 The Jewelry Roll is a Three Fold design, that allows for plenty of space for everything you need while traveling. Making life easier for the women on the go, be it for business, adventure, or family, keeping things organized is key to looking good while traveling. No more fumbling around in your bags looking for that tiny box you tucked your rings into. No more need to put each necklace in its own plastic baggie hoping it won’t get tangled in itself! What a hassle it is not to have something so basic, yet so perfect! 

Jewelry Roll Bag from Specialty Styles Review
So Many Ways to Safely Store Your Jewels! 

 I so wish I had this when I was traveling recently. I used a small box for my rings, and had a few necklaces in baggies, but they were not well protected, and I had to untangle things, search for things, and it took time away from spending time with family as well as frustrated me to no end when I was already quite frazzled! This would have been a life saver and I am so happy to have it now. Next time I travel, for any reason, life will be much easier!

Jewelry Roll Bag from Specialty Styles Review
A Place for Everything! 

I recreated my travel jewelry from my last trip in the Jewelry Roll. Granted, it is by no means full, but I took very little with me on my last travels due to already being afraid of ruining my jewelry, not being organized, and having limited time to prepare each day. As you can see there is still tons of room available to me in this jewelry roll.

Jewelry Roll Bag from Specialty Styles Review
Folds Easily With Room To Spare! 

 In the lower left photo you can see the roll, rolled up, and snapped closed. Again, plenty of room for more jewelry. The lovely felt fabric keeps everything scratch free too. Even a big clunky ring does not crowd the roll. You can also put dangle earrings in the earring holes, just put a rubber back on them to keep them in place. I also love the two added bags for larger items like statement necklaces or bangle bracelets. I don’t think you would be able to roll them up inside the roll, not if they are really large, but at least there is a safe and scratch free way to store and travel with them. I think that is a nice addition provided by Specialty Styles. 

Jewelry Roll Bag from Specialty Styles Review
Go Now to Specialty Styles and Get Yours! 

Ladies, take my word for it, you do not want to travel without one of these Jewelry Rolls from Speciality Styles!

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