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Ladies we recently lost our beloved friend Glover. Many of you may have seen him in previous blog posts. Glover was one of our furkids. 

We adopted Glover from the humane society when he was just a young pup. He was the sweetest dog. Glover was known to us by many nick names from G Man to G Love to our Velvet Teddy Bear because he looked like a teddy bear and had the softest velvety ears. 

In Rememberance
Our Glover – G Man – G Love – Velvet Teddy Bear

Glover had such a sweet demeanor, he would never hurt a fly and was the protector of our two other pups, both girls, who he would always wait for outside before coming back into the house. He followed us to every room. If one of us got up he would follow, making sure we were always looked after. Glover was the true embodiment of loyalty. 

Today started out being a particularly rough day for me, missing Glover and dealing with another family issue, I was surprised with an expected gift from a brand that I work with called Chewy.

My relationship with Chewy is a new partnership so I have not written about them much on the blog yet, but I have been using other social media to promote them so you may have seen tweets, or Instagram posts about them from me if you follow me on other social media. 

Chewy is a wonderful website that offers healthy treats for your pets at great savings. I would love for you to check them out because when a company is so caring to do something so lovely for someone they barely know that means a lot! 

Look at what Chewy sent us: 

In Rememberance Chewy.com
Glovers’ Alter
In Rememberance Chewy.com
Lovely Beautiful Bouquet 
In Rememberance Chewy.com
Thank you Chewy.com

A lovely bouquet which we put on Glover’s memorial “alter”.  Honestly, this is so touching, and quite impressive of a business to do for one of it’s bloggers. I have only been working with Chewy for two months and for them to reach out like this is just beyond amazing. I was already impressed with Chewy, its customer service, the brands it offers, but this just tops it all. This makes me so proud to be a part of their blogger family! 

Full disclosure, I really do not like using personal situations, especially losing a part of our family as a means to promote a product, but the fact is, when a company goes above and beyond like Chewy has, they deserve to be recognized for it. 

Recently we received Halo cat and dog treats to try – well for our pets to try although we have absolutely talked about how these treats are so pure we could probably eat them ourselves! We didn’t try them personally, but our pets did and they love them! In fact I had to hide them in the pantry because the pets would not stop stalking the counter where they were usually supposed to sit! The cats kept jumping up sniffing the container! 

You can see our cat Vino doing that here on my Instagram! While your there checking out the photo feel free to follow me, and Chewy on Instagram. Seriously if you love cute animal photos you will find a lot of them on their Instagram feed! I am still learning to master how to get great photos of my pets while feeding them treats from Chewy, but its not easy because it’s usually chaos when I get the treats out! I don’t know how some of these people do it but there are some really great pet photos on their feed!  

Halo Live -a-Littles are Grain Free – Freeze Dried treats made from 100% meat available in chicken, beef, or salmon. Chewy offers them at a great price but you can also sign up for auto ship and get more savings. 

Get to Know Halo
Their Mission
Love them like family. Feed them like family. 
The Halo Standard 
Halo, Purely for Pets evolved from 3 guiding principles: Balance, nature and love. They believe that when these are the basis of pet product development, optimum health, vitality and wellness follow. 
Their Products: 

Halo’s premium quality ingredients and commitment to holistic pet care separate them from many other pet care companies. Their first priority is the health and well-being of your pet. And their commitment to wholesome, natural, quality pet products is unparalleled. 

We are still not sure what happened to our Glover. There were several theories from the veterinarians that assisted him but he was old, unable to fight whatever plagued him, and was in a lot of pain. He is safe now, and forever in our hearts. There is a distinct difference in all of our other pets, each reacting to his lack of being in the home in their own ways, based on their own personalities. Our youngest, Lyla, another of our pups, no longer wants to stay outside as long as she did before, I know she misses her playmate, and her guardian. 

I am just happy that before Glover left us that he had a chance to sample some of the wonderful treats that Chewy sent our way. He really had his favorites, as all of them do and will into the future. Halo was the last treat Glover got to try and I am so happy that he enjoyed them. 

Thank you to Chewy for being a part of our extended pet family, and if you have pets, please check them out, if you are like me you want to buy from a company that really cares about animals, and the people who love them. 

In Remembrance of Glover RIP 12/02/2002 – 03/04/2015

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