It’s Not Too Late To Get 30% Off At Wantable!

Ladies, earlier I mentioned that in February you can get 30% off at Wantable – it’s not too late, the offer is good until the end of the month. 

I adore all of my Wantable boxes and I would love for you to get in on this discount while it is still good. 

Here are some pictures of my past Wantable boxes …

Wantable Intimates Fashion Beyond Forty
Loved this Box! 

Wantable Intimates Fashion Beyond Forty
The Maroon Set is One of My Husband’s Favorites! 

I regularly subscribe to the Intimates box as that is what I need the most although I have loved the accessory boxes as well, I just have enough jewelry right now. 

Wantable Accessories Fashion Beyond Forty
Accessory Box! 

I ADORE this pretty pink with black lace nightie, so does my hubby!

Wantable Initmates Fashion Beyond Forty
Okay THIS is actually my Husband’s Favorite! 

Your style profile will determine what you get, you can ask for no scarves, no sunnies, etc if you wish. Wantable has the best style profile and they really listen to what you do and do not want! 

Wantable Accessories Fashion Beyond Forty
Loved this Accessory Box! 

Wantable offers Intimates, Beauty, Accessories and Fitness Subscription Boxes, however I believe the discount is not offered on the Fitness Box.

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