Van d’Or 4-in-1 Wine Chiller Review

Disclosure: I received this product to facilitate this review. 

So I’m having a bottle of wine, by myself, again. No one else here in my home drinks wine, but me. Not really anyway. My hubby will try some now and then. So generally, I have to keep my wine in the fridge and get up and down to go pour more. Thing is I don’t guzzle my wine, okay maybe on occasion, but not as a rule. With that said .. I used this Van d’Or 4-in-1 Wine Chiller
(type that three times while sipping wine!) and it works! 

I put the chiller in my chardonnay at 1:36am and it is now 3:10am and it is still ice cold! Perfect if you ask me. Now I can sit on the sofa, watching X-Files re-runs, and not have to go to the fridge! Yay! Thanks to the company that made this lifesaver! Yea getting up to go to the fridge IS that difficult!

Van d'Or 4-in-1 Wine Chiller Review
Lovely Packaging – I love pretty packaging!

Van d'Or 4-in-1 Wine Chiller Review
Easy to Put Together! 
Van d'Or 4-in-1 Wine Chiller Review
Ensemble items for photo shoot and pour! 

Grab one for yourself and be merry!
 Oh and yeah, be sure you follow directions and actually pour a little wine out before sticking the chiller in the bottle. I lost some wine because I was an idiot and forgot it said to do that right on the back of the box.

Oh and the nifty no spill wine glass, its by Taza and you can read more about that in another post I wrote.

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