Dads Take Your Daughter On A Date

I know that not many men read my blog, for obvious reasons, but ladies, if you can share this with the father of your child, please do. I also know many children do not have fathers, and in those cases, mother’s you are the father, so please, do what I suggest here.

Take your daughter on a DATE. 

This is best around the age of 12 or 13 but anytime before she begins to date on her own.

Every girl should learn what a proper date is. I am not talking about anything elaborate or expensive, as let’s face it, you want her to have realistic views for the age of young men she will actually be dating, but show her what a proper date should be. 

Set a day and time for your date night. Dress nice. Ask her to dress nice. Be on time! Come to the front door of your own home, ring the bell, and show her to the car, open the door for her, and all of the traditional things that all too often are missing from dating this day and age. I do not care how independent a young lady is, or how modern our times are, something is missing from the dating youth of today, and that is manners. 

A young lady won’t know what she should expect, if she has never been shown what she should expect. 

Take her somewhere reasonable for where a young man who may want to court her could take her. 

Pay the bill! Again, I don’t care about these “modern times” if you ask someone out you should offer to pay, be you male or female. That is my opinion. 

While you are dining, if she needs to get up for the ladies room, stand when she stands, pull out her chair for her. 

When ordering, ask her what she is thinking of ordering, if she is unsure make suggestions, do not order FOR HER but WITH HER. 

Laugh, ask her questions, this is not a time to pry but to converse. Tell her about yourself, a time to maybe share something from your own life but don’t embarrass her. Not only is this a good lesson for her in how a young man should act on a date, but a chance for you to bond with your daughter in a whole new way. 

When you take her back home, walk her to the door and give her a hug and a kiss on the cheek and tell her you had a wonderful time. 

Teach your daughters how men should treat them. For the record be sure that you are showing your daughter(s) how they should be treated daily by the way you treat your wife. Take your wife on dates, don’t forget that we always need romance in our lives, and through this your own children, the boys too, will come to learn how to treat others, and how they should be treated in return. 

Thank you for reading my public service announcement lol but I just really feel that these days we forget that children learn through example. I have not always been the best example to my daughter, but she is one lucky young woman to have a man in her life that does all of this for her. She is blessed and so am I. 

Love to all of you, 

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