Pets and Dental Health Care

Disclosure: I did receive free samples of my choice for review, however I only review brands, companies, and products I personally love. My pets are happier, and your’s will be too.

For those of you who are regular readers of my blog you know I have a lot of pets, furkids as I call them. You know that I love them dearly and that they are a part of our family, not just “pets”. If you are an animal lover you know exactly how I feel.

You may also know how important dental health care is for your pets. We joke often in our family about how our pets get better health and dental care than we do.

Recently I discovered a website that has so many wonderful products for pets and I wanted to share it with you. It is called Chewy.

Pet dental care is as important as human dental care. In fact proper dental care can reduce risks for many other disease in pets and humans alike!

Pets and Dental Health Care with Chewy and Blue Buffalo

I am sure you have heard about Blue Buffalo and how wonderful the health benefits are for your pets but I recently got to try, well my pets did anyway, haha, some Blue Buffalo Natural Dental Chew bones.

Now if you are like me, you find your pets have specific tastes just like we do, I have to say my dogs, DEVOURED these chews! I am going to have to keep them in supply because I woke up to my three dogs prancing around waiting on their Blue Buffalo Dental Chew! I even tried giving them their regular morning treats, and they refused them, prancing around the area where I had put the Blue Buffalo bag! Not a bad thing considering these “treats” are far healthier for them then their regular brand! All I can say is animals know what is good as much as we humans do!

Brandi is the white dog, Glover is the brown, and the little black and white pup is our baby, Lyla. They all loved the Blue Buffalo Dental Chews from Chewy, and they do not always agree on treats! 
Now when you sign up with Chewy on Autoship you get 20% off your first shipment and 5% off thereafter! That is a good deal! They also have a sale center, I love sales! New items are added daily and some items today are up to 40% off. 

Chewy offers 100% Satisfaction, has a 24/7 Customer Service Staff over 300 of the leading products, and offers expert pet care and nutrition advice. If you are like me you care about what you are feeding your pets. 

I can’t tell you how many times I have wanted to get something new for my furkids and stood in the pet isle wondering if a specific product was good for my pets, let alone safe for them! 

I am now in love with Chewy and will be a returning customer. 

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