Happiness Is … More Decor

Yesterday I finally received the curtain for my living room window. It matches the curtains in my dining room that I showed you in an older post here.

The color is called Palmetto Red and the curtains are all from JC Penny.

I also found this sweet creation recently at a shop in old downtown – it is a wood wall hanging that simply says “Inspire”.

Happiness Is More Decor Fashion Beyond Forty

The window/curtain is on the opposite side of the room from the door and hanging above it.

Above the window with curtain is another window, you just can’t really tell since it was dark outside when I took the photo.

Getting our home decor to where we want it is an ongoing project. We moved into this home back in June of last year but it is getting there eventually.

It is fun taking our time however, and we are not in a rush but with each new piece we implement, it feels more like home.

For me today, Happiness Is … More Decor!

Please share what makes you happy in the comments below. I love hearing from my readers about their lives, and their own happiness.




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