Wantable Intimates Review February 2015

Ladies I simply love Wantable Intimates Boxes! I also have tried their accessories boxes as well and loved them too but the intimates boxes are my favorite for sure. 

The reason I think I appreciate the intimates boxes so much is because other than going to Victoria’s Secret, there really are not a lot of options for good intimates in my area. When I do get out to shop at the mall or anchor stores, intimates are rarely on my mind. Our Victoria’s Secret does not carry much in the way of pretty nighties, ours is filled mostly with bras and panties, which is fine, but they are super expensive as you know. I am not knocking the store, I also love VS as well, but when it comes to getting fun, sexy, sweet, practical, and cozy intimate wear, I say go with Wantable! I love them so much if I could afford it, I would get two boxes every month! 

If you are not sure what Wantable is, or how it works please see my previous reviews on them.

So here is what I got in my February 2015 Box:

Wantable Intimates January 2015 Review

So let me tell you ladies, seriously, Wantable gets an A+ for actually following our style profile! So many subscription boxes have a profile of some kind that we can fill out, wether it is a makeup sub box, or clothing, or whatever, but Wantable really pays attention! 

In past months I had put “dislike” on socks because I just do not need more socks right now, but I noticed that some ladies were getting these wonderful Muk Luk slipper socks, so I changed my “dislike” status to “like” and I got some! That was the entire reason I changed my status! Call it luck, or they noticed I was not a huge fan of socks but I may still want some Muk Luks (who doesn’t?) but I totally did a happy dance when I opened my box! I think the tassels on the slipper socks are super cute too! 

My Muk Luk even match my new sleep wear, although the sleepwear may not totally match the slipper socks haha. I think they may be a little too casual for this pretty nite set, but either way, I love the night set too! They have such pretty bow detailing with just the right amount of lace, and this set is so super soft! The set is by Rene Rofe. 

The value of this box is $66.00 – Muk Luks $24 and Rene Rofe Set $42

The month subscription price is $36 or you can pay $40 for a one time box if you wish. I would say subscribe then if you are not happy cancel because you can in fact cancel online at anytime. Super easy to do if you don’t love your box HOWEVER if you do not love your box you can also return it at no cost to you and continue to get boxes at the discounted subscription price! Also for each referral you sent to Wantable you get 10.00 off your box! So please, if you decide to try them out use my referral link anywhere in this post that you see a link. I would totally appreciate it since I am so addicted to this box! 

So if you do sign up please pay close attention to your style profile because it does matter! Here is what I loved, liked, and disliked to get a box like this.






Shapewear (I do not really dislike it but I did not want to get any this month.)

Also in addition to selecting Loves, Likes, and Dislikes you also get to narrow it down even more by colors, sexy or traditional, prints or plain fabric, brights or neutral colors, and so on. They get pretty specific and that helps so much to get the right items packed for you! 

I change my profile about every month, depending on what I am wanting or needing and it totally works! You also can give feedback each month (they will email you asking you to do so) and that too helps them style for you. I let them know each month what I like, what I love, and on the rare occasion I have an issue they always offer to correct it. Last month my pajama bottoms started to split a little, they offered for me to return them for a refund but I declined as it was a simple hand stitch situation I could take care of easily. They still gave me a 10.00 credit for my next order, which was this months box. So I got 10.00 off! Yay! 

You can also use my referral links and get a different box if you want. They offer Intimates, Accessories (jewelry, scarves, sunglasses, etc), Fitness (their newest line), and Makeup! 

Do you like what you see here from Wantable? Do you already subscribe? If so let me know what you got! I love hearing what other people get in their Wantable boxes. Please comment below and share your great box story with us.

Disclosure: Referral Links are used within this post and I am not ashamed to beg that you click on them. 

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