January 2015 Glossybox Review

Ladies, it is no secret I am in love with Glossybox! I love them so much I just affiliated with them and am proud to tell you that I honestly want everyone of you to experience getting one of these luxurious boxes shipped to your door! 

When you open a Glossybox, it is an experience. Some sub boxes I just tear into when I receive them, but with Glossybox, I force myself to wait until I can sit down, usually with a glass of wine, and just indulge in the experience. 
From the moment you see the lovely luxe packaging, to the way things are packed inside, all tied up with a ribbon, and you see the size and quality of the products you receive, the entire experience is just wonderful. 
I can say, I have never been let down by a Glossybox yet! 

Don’t just take my word for it, Glossybox is in such demand that January’s box sold out! Thankfully I am a subscriber so I did not miss January’s box and oh my, I am so glad I didn’t! Wait until you see these goodies! 

January Glossybox Review
Beautiful Glossybox!

As I said, the box itself is pure bliss, it is so pretty, so pink, and I don’t care how old I may be, I still love a pretty pink box! The black ribbon makes it so classic and ties it all up perfectly. Now some months, there are special boxes, but this pink box is the standard. They make for lovely keepsakes, packing other gifts in, storing precious items such as love letters, special jewelry, excess makeup, samples, etc. I love my Glossybox boxes and always keep them around! 

Also this month’s box came with a 40.00 coupon to use at Hello Fresh. I have been wanting to try this service so now I have more motivation to do so! 

January Glossybox Review
The Card Insert Tells What’s In The Box!

Of course there is a card insert, but unlike some sub boxes this one is in full color, with large photos and a good description of each item. Sometimes I look at the card first, but usually I try to not peek before looking into the box itself. I use the insert after digging into the box to find out more about each product. This month, we have face toner, and cleanser, a serum, eyeliner, and a makeup brush! Wow! I am already in awe. I love getting unusual things, and while I have stated before I am tried of getting black eyeliners I love it when I get a brand I have never heard of before. Lollipops is totally new to me, and I have to admit I love the name of the color, Goodbye Moon, in sparkly black. Also this is the only time that I can recall, that I have received a makeup brush in any sub box so that made me completely giddy! The brush is fun, and funky, you will see more photos below. 

January Glossybox Review
High Quality Brands, One out of Three Full sized! 
Okay let’s discuss something here … One out of three of these items is full sized! Plus the sample sizes of the other two are large! I have tried a smaller sample of the truffle serum before and loved it! I am so happy to have another larger sample. I have also heard tons of great things about Vichy products and also I am excited to try Kueshi. 
January Glossybox Review
January Glossybox Review
Aren’t These Just Awesome?!
Okay ladies, I am talking fun now! These two items are so kitchy, so cute, so fun, and really, nothing I ever would have found on my own, or bought for myself, but … I love them! This is why I love sub boxes, this is why I try them out, subscribe, and sometimes cancel. I want new things, interesting things, things that make me go hummm, and things that make me smile. I may be in my forties, but I still love fun, funky things, I mean come on, I grew up in the 1980’s and those times were some fun, funky times, where they not? Truth be told, my daughter is probably going to take these items, and I am fine with that, but when I get a box like this, it makes me want to just have her get her own subscription as well! Then we don’t have to split all the cool stuff. If Glossybox keeps sending me boxes like I have received so far, I probably will get my daughter her own subscription. 
This is the Goodnight Moon, sparlking black eyeliner I was talking about above, and also the makeup brush which is for eye shadow. 
Below, I have a couple of group photos for you, talk about eye candy! 

January Glossybox Review
Pure Eye Candy! 

Girls, please, do yourself a favor, go get yourself at least a one time box and try it out for yourself! It is so worth it. I also subscribe to a couple other boxes that are lower in price, but honestly, I have never once felt that the price of this box was unjustified and to be honest, with the lower priced boxes I have felt this way often, even when they are only 10 or 15 dollar boxes! 

Oh and Glossybox does have a system so that you can earn yourself a free box! the system is called Glossydots, and they do add up fast with referrals and when you take surveys about your box each month, which is super easy to do. 

If you want to get a box of your own please use my Glossybox Affiliate Link – I would really appreciate it. 

Disclosure: At the risk of being redundant, but in order to appeal to blogger law, I inform you that there are affiliate links in this post. Thank you.

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