Happiness Is … Sprinkles!

My daughter applied for a new job today at the candy store in the mall. Her seasonal job at Bath and Body Works came to an end. While she was there she had to pick up some treats!

She brought home two giant rice treats from The Crispery.

Gotta love Sprinkles!

We did later realize that the rice treats were for Chanukah.

We are not Jewish but we do respect all faiths and celebrations so we indulged!

Look at the look of intensity on my daughter’s face as she chows into the treat! I truly think she should be their spokeswoman!

If these cakes look good to you check them out – you can also get 15% off by liking them or following on social media!

So for me today, Happiness Is … Seeing the delight on my daughter’s face and … Sprinkles!

What brings you happiness? I would love to hear in the comments!




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