Cooking with Quorn Meat Alternative

I was selected to review an interesting product and due to the fact that I was a vegetarian for seven years and still am careful with what I eat, I jumped at the chance to do the review. This product is called Quorn and it is a meat alternative. 

Interestingly enough I had already heard of Quorn from my friends who live in the United Kingdom, but back when I was buying vegetarian foods frequently this product was not available. Currently it is only carried in one store in our town, but I do hope that more stores will begin to carry it soon, and I plan to request it at the store we usually shop at. They are very good at stocking items we request.

Quorn offers all types of products, from alternative hamburger, to alternative chicken. I selected the Naked Chick’N Cutlets, and the Meatless and Soy Free Meatballs. I actually had three coupons for free Quorn products but opted to give one to my son’s girlfriend who showed interest in the product. 

Before I show you the amazing photos of our dinner, and tell you my opinion on Quorn, lets look at a word from the company:

Quorn Foods is the premier producer of meat alternative products worldwide. Based in the UK, our products have been sold in the US for about 12 years now. Quorn’s products are made from a naturally occuring protein in the fungi family. 

The protein is harvested in a fermentation process similar to brewing beer. Because our products are soy-free, they’re naturally non-GMO and have a superior taste and texture to other meat alternatives. Compared to meat, Quorn has about half the calories and fat yet is very high in fiber and protein. 

All products are frozen make a wonderfully easy, healthy substitution in all your favorite recipes. We’re certain you’ll love Quorn!

Okay so let me tell you what I made. I made a pasta dish based off of Baked Ziti except we used Mostaccioli instead, I could not find Ziti. We had a side salad with homemade italian dressing, and rosemary garlic cheese bread. I made sure to go light on the mozzarella and ricotta cheese to keep the dish somewhat health. I added tomatoes and mushroom to the pasta as well. 
Here are my photos:
Quorn Meat Alternative Review Meatballs
Preparation – Fresh Veggies, Cooking the Quorn Meatballs in Sauce, Boiling Pasta, Mmmm Can’t Wait for Dinner!

Quorn Meat Alternative Review Meatballs
Finished Products – One for Hubby and Myself, One for Daughter and her Boyfriend, Homemade Dressing, and Garlic Toast. Perfection! 
I made two different versions of pasta. One with and one without Ricotta, because my daughter does not care for it. I also left the mushrooms and tomatoes out of hers as well. 
My husband, who is by no means acquainted with meat alternatives, really loved the pasta, and while I was putting it away, after we were done with dinner, he came back and picked up another meatball and popped it into his mouth! I was surprised. I figured he was okay with the Quorn, and it was agreeable to him, but I had no idea he was really liking it that much! So much to come back and pop another meatball in his mouth says something as he is very picky when it comes to food. 
My daughter and I both like Quorn a lot. We are used to meat alternatives and prefer them over regular meat more often than not.
Quorn has a great meat like texture, and the flavor is very good but not greasy and heavy like real meat, which is a plus in my book. The Quorn meatballs seemed to take on the flavor of the other products it was cooked with, much like tofu does, otherwise not a super strong flavor of its own but it does add to the dish. I really do not care for pasta without some protein in it, and yet a lot of the time I do not want meat, so I am happy to have this new alternative that does not contain soy, and other ingredients I would rather stay away from! 
I still have the Chick’n Cutlets to try out, and I am looking forward to it. I think I may try those for lunch tomorrow. I am even more excited about the chicken alternative honestly because chicken often grosses me out while cooking. I won’t go into why, but it really does! I need a good chicken alternative in my life with Quorn products! 
(The Following is From the Quorn Website)

Why Quorn?
To the food-lover it’s a simple way to make all your favorite meals, healthier.

To the weight-watcher it’s a way of dramatically reducing fat and calorie intake without trying to survive on soup and salad.

To the healthy eater it’s a cholesterol-free source of protein, fiber and essential amino acids.

To the vegetarian it’s the nutritional benefits of meat – without hurting a hair of any animal’s head.

To the environmentalist it’s an alternative to turning the world’s rain forests into grazing land and an alternative to depleting the dwindling fish-stocks of the ocean.
To all of them it’s a way of reducing or giving up meat without reducing or giving up taste. No wonder some people are calling Quorn™ ‘a wonder food’!
There is also a store locater on their website so you can find a local place to buy Quorn. We used it ourselves. 

For the environmentalists you can also read the full Quorn Sustainability Report as well. 
I believe our family will use Quorn Meat Alternative Products at least twice a week if not more often. Granted this will be easier to do once our regular store gets them on the shelves but I know that it won’t take long for them to do that once I request it. I am just so happy to have learned about Quorn
Do you use any meat alternative products? Would you try Quorn or do you plan to look to see if it is at your grocer? Please leave a comment below and tell me what you think. 

Disclosure: I was provided product free for review but I did truly enjoy my experience. 

I love comments! Please join in discussion, ask questions, or leave tips for other readers. Comments truly are the driving force behind any blog as it helps the blogger to know what you, the reader want to see more of!

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