Cake Decorating Kit: 31 Nozzles 6 Tips Review

My daughter loves to bake. In fact she is a very good baker, often making macarons and fancy things of that nature. When I received this cake decorating kit for a review, I knew not only would my daughter end up using it for the review, but also owning it, as I do not bake!

The Cake Decorating Kit
comes with 31 Nozzles and 6 Different Tips! That is quite a kit especially if you are just starting out.

Here is some information from the product page:

Think of all the fun and creative designs you can create with 31 Different Nozzles and 6 different tips. Create Rosettes, Stars, Drop Flowers, Zig-Zags, Dots, Words, the possibilities are endless!

Made to be used by both right and left handed bakers! Perfect for beginners and versatile enough for the most experienced as well! GREAT FOR ALL DESSERTS AND EVEN FOR APPETIZERS

Holds over 1 cup of frosting or any filling, because remember, these make great appetizers as well and are perfect for deviled eggs!

EASY TO USE, EASY TO SWAP OUT TIPS AND NOZZLES – EASY TO CLEAN Easy to use, Easy to Swap Tips! No more digging into bags with spatulas to get that last bit of frosting, the pull out plunger pushes filling smoothly through the cylinder onto your beautiful creations!


We thought that the decorating kit was very easy to use, so we understand why they say for children and adults. This is by no means meant for experienced cake decorators however because you can’t get the fine detail you would want, however it is super simple to use, and has a lot of fun ways to ice your cake and decorate cupcakes. We however did not make cupcakes, we made a cake, and probably had too high of expectations for this kit which seems to be more for the purpose of ease of use, and fun. Nothing wrong with that at all though is there? 
Cake Decorating Kit: 31 Nozzles 6 Tips Product Review
We ended up decorating our cake with several large decorations that you would normally find on top of cupcakes. It was not what we were going for, but turned out to be fun and we do feel this is a nice product for younger people, or anyone of any age starting out with decorating. The reason for that mainly is because when my daughter first started to learn how to decorate she began with cupcakes. The reason one should begin with cupcakes is because it is easy to make mistakes, but you still have a lot more practice runs to do on all the other cupcakes that are remaining! Plus you get to have fun playing with all the different attachments provided in this Cake Decorating Kit

Disclosure: This Cake Decorating Kit was provided to me in exchange for my review.

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