Be Our Valentine Giveaway Hop

Hello Lovelies and Welcome to the 2nd Annual Be Our Valentine Giveaway Hop from Review Wire Media, Fashion Beyond Forty, and all the other lovely blogs listed below! Please be sure to check out the links to all of their wonderful giveaways after entering mine.

Be Our Valentine Giveaway Hop #RWMevent

This giveaway is for French Red Clay Konjac Sponges from My Konjac Sponge. We thought the red clay was perfect for Valentine’s Day!

One sponge is for your face and the other for your body. Show yourself a little love with these two Konjac Sponges made especially for your skin.

Ladies I use my Konjac face and body sponges daily. I can not do my skin care routine without my facial sponge and my body sponge has totally replaced my bath puff that I used to use. I love these things! I myself have not got to try the French Red Clay Konjac sponges yet so whoever wins will have to tell me what they think of them. 

Red French Clay Facial Konjac Sponge My Konjac Sponge Giveaway
Facial Sponge
Red French Clay Body Konjac Sponge My Konjac Sponge Giveaway

  • Hypoallergenic and fragrance free
  • Gently exfoliates skin and removes impurities
  • Improve skin elasticity and texture
  • Ideal for conditions such as eczema, rosacea and psoriasis
  • Each sponge lasts 2-3 months

Be Our Valentine Giveaway Hop


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