Bella and Bear Paddle “Bear” Brush Review

When I received my Bella and Bear Paddle Brush
to review, the girly girl in me could not help but come out and squeal “Yay!”.  It is so absolutely pretty! If you do not get one of these for yourself you have to get it for any girly girl in your family, young and old alike.

The moment my daughter walked into the room where I was taking photos of it for this review she called out “Mine!”.  I could not blame her and of course she ended up getting it but I am going to get one of my own too!

Now aside from this being totally adorable, it is well made, constructed so the bristles won’t pop out. You all know what I mean right? You buy a new brush, use it a few days, go to clean the hair out of it and out pops the rubber part with the bristles attached. Oh and if you have thick hair like my daughter, sometimes they just come out while brushing! Well one of the first things I did when I got this Bella and Bear Paddle Brush was to try tugging at the bristles. Then I took my fingers and pushed down around the edges of the rubbery part that holds in the bristles. I could not make it gap or come out. Now granted I did not want to break my new, I mean my daughter’s new lovely brush so it is not like I tried getting it out with brute force, but let’s just say I feel this brush is made well.
Oh wait, I got so excited telling about it I forgot to show you what I am talking about! 

Bella and Bear Paddle Brush review
Cute Name “Bear Brush” and Love the pretty model! 

Bella and Bear Paddle Brush review

I love their photos but here are my own so you can get a less artistic view point, because my photos are not artistic at all! 

Bella and Bear Paddle Brush Review Fashion Beyond Forty
See It is SO pretty in person! 
Bella and Bear Paddle Brush Fashion Beyond Forty
No Tangles! 
Bella and Bear Paddle Brush Fashion Beyond Forty
A good hair day starts with a great brush! 

Here is some information from Bella & Bear:

  • A HIGH QUALITY PADDLE BRUSH- The Bear Paddle Brush has a soft flexible air cushioned natural rubber pad and ball ended nylon pins for perfect brushing.
  • GENTLE AND EFFECTIVE ON YOUR HAIR- The Bear Paddle Brush is lovely for gently grooming and maintaining all hair types.
  • PROFESSIONAL QUALITY BALL ENDED NYLON BRISTLES- That stimulate and massage your scalp while reducing stress to your hair during blow drying and styling.
  • CHILD FRIENDLY- Your kids will love the look and feel of this brush, pretty and effective so no more fights about brushing hair at bed time or any other time.
  • CHECK OUR IMAGES FOR GREAT DEALS ON ALL OUR PRODUCTS- We have a great holiday promotion running on all our products so make sure you check that out before you buy and save yourself some money.

I do love the ball ended nylon pins (bristles) becuase the balls feel like they are massaging. I also love the large size of this brush. 

Also when you get your product there is an RC code you can scan for special savings! 

Click any of my links of the image below to get yours today. I know I am getting another one! 

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links via amazon. If you use my links I may earn a commission. Also I did receive this product free in exchange for doing a review, but I only review items I personally enjoy and feel you will as well. 
PS: I’m not going to lie, Bella and Bear products look great on my blog! 🙂 

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