Birchbox January 2015 Review

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Another month, another Birchbox! January’s Birchbox allowed customers to select from a few options but I was not in love with any of the options so I just let them surprise me. 

I love a couple of the items I received, I feel so so on one, and one I already have the full versions of and love so it will get passed onto someone else, probably in an upcoming gift box giveaway. 

The theme this month is “Let’s Do This” where you can enter daily for great prizes and / or accept daily challenges for better living. The only sad thing about this is I just found out about it today, when I got my box. I imagine Birchbox had this announced on their Facebook page or something, but I must have missed it. Oh well, I will do my best for the rest of the month to enter each giveaway and accept the challenges that I can follow through on. 

If you are not familiar with Birchbox, in a nutshell it is a monthly subscription box where you spend 10.00 to sample new products, loosely based on a beauty profile you fill out when you sign up. Its a good value when you consider the points system for reviewing your products on their website, which turns into cash you can spend in their online shop. In the shop you will find many of the products featured in the boxes, as well as hundreds of others. 
I was able to get many Christmas gifts this past season for free by saving up my points. 
So let’s look at the box: 
Birchbox January 2015 Review

The product I already had would be the coastal scents eyeshadow palette. In fact they offer two different palettes and I own them both. They are a good quality makeup that is similar to the Naked palette at a much more affordable price.

The item I felt so so about would be the Tocca hand cream. The smell is lovely, light, grapefruit aroma, and the lotion is good, but just not something spectacular for me personally, as I have very dry skin and generally need a heavier cream. I will use it and enjoy it while it lasts, but I have really just received so many samples of Tocca that I am a bit underwhelmed getting another version of it, but it’s not a bad thing to have on hand either.

Then I received MyChelle Dermaceuticals Argan Oil. This is a very good Argan oil ladies. Now I am going to admit, I am also rather tired of getting Argan oils in various sub boxes, I seem to get them often, but when you get one this good, it makes it alright. I also liked the version in last months box as well, but again, so many of them.

The last two items I am happy about. First we have Orbie Shampoo for colored hair. The only complaint I have about this item is the size. It is much too small to determine if it is the right shampoo for me, and since I am a loyal Madison Reed fan it would be difficult to sway me to a new product line, especially one this pricy, without giving me more product to test out. I will say I did use it once, I may have enough left for a second shampoo if I mix the remaining product with water, and I do like the first time results, but it is by far not enough to convince me to switch. With that said, it has a lovely earthy aroma that is not super strong so not overwhelming.

The last product is Dr. Lipp Nipple Balm For Lips. This item was created originally for nursing mothers to use on their sore nipples but they have now created a really great lip balm as well! I get super dry lips especially at night, so dry I wake up and have to apply more lip balm! Usually lip balms wear off very quickly, at night I imagine I am licking it off in my sleep, or it gets rubbed off by my pillow, regardless, this stuff soaks in and stays on! I love it! I will probably order a full size when my sample is gone. The sample is very small but a little bit goes a long way so you do not have to use much at all. The sample should last me at least a couple of weeks, if not longer.

Overall, not a bad box, I at least like to get two new to me items to try in each box, and I did in this one so that is a success. I also don’t mind getting some duplicate items now and then as I can share then with others and build up over time a giveaway box for a drawing on the blog.

So what do you think of my box this month? If you want to subscribe you can use my referral link.

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