Air Comfy Travel Pillow Review

Disclosure: I received this product in exchange for my review.

Ladies, I knew I was getting the Air Comfy Travel Pillow to review but sadly, I found out about it after my recent flights to and from New York! Let me tell you, I wish I had this gem with me while traveling! 

My brother used to travel, a lot, and he always had one of those bone pillows with him, but the problem with those bone pillows is that they take up a lot of space in a carry on bag! In addition to that, my brother, jet setter that he once was, liked to travel light! When I found out about Air Comfy Travel Pillow, I knew he would want it too! 
I am back home now, and have been investigating this pillow, airing it up, pushing the air out, just to test its durability. If something can be broken, give it to me, I will be the one to break it! This pillow is sturdy, durable, and convenient! Yes it blows up, and deflates, and trust me, my first thought was, “Oh great, something I have to blow up, I don’t have the breath in me to do that!” Well, its so simple, and in fact, you do not even have to blow it up! It is self inflating, but if you are like me, and don’t have the patience to make popcorn in the microwave, you can just go ahead and breath a few little puffs of air into it and POOF you have a big inflated pillow! It seriously does not take much to inflate this thing! 

So lets look at this handy pillow: 
Air Comfy Travel Pillow Review
Simple, Convenient, Comfortable! Air Comfy Travel Pillow
So here is what Air Comfy has to say about their travel pillow: 

Our low-profile travel pillow gives neck or back support for travel in the car, airplanes, or basic support at home while relaxing. It is also great as a customizable lumbar support pillow to give you extra comfort in office chairs, or anywhere you find yourself in need.

-Low Profile – Relaxing shouldn’t require you to feel claustrophobic. Relax without the bulkiness of traditional U-shaped neck pillows.

-Self-Inflatable – Simply turn the easy-open valve, and within seconds your pillow will be ready to use.

-Full Neck Support – The pillow center cradles the arch in your neck, providing ample support right where you need it.

-Keep Your Head Up – Our unique side wings prevent your head from tilting, so you won’t have to endure neck pain later.

-Strap It On – No need to lose that perfect pillow placement. Secure it to your headrest with our handy elastic band.

-Easy to Clean – Our fabric easily wipes clean with a damp cloth.


The unique, low-profile shape of our pillow cradles the arch in your neck–providing ample support right where you need it, and ditching the bulk where you don’t. Unlike traditional neck pillows, the side wings of our design support your head from tilting, while still allowing you to interact with your neighbors. Best of all, its inflatable construction features a luxurious inner foam that gives support without a hollow, bouncy feeling of other inflatables.

Customers have also reported the pillow to be particularly useful for those with chronic neck pain and other spinal/neck conditions. Consider its use as a therapeutic neck pillow to reduce strain and provide ample support whenever and wherever it is needed.

In short…it’s not just for airplane travel! We’re certain you’ll also find plenty of uses in the home, office, and car!!

Okay I will admit, I have also used the strap that you are supposed to use to strap to your car seat, to myself. Yes rather funny I know but when moving from one chair to another around the house, it is handy to have right on your own body! My family laughed at me, particularly my mother who thought it was crazy, but it works! 
My sofa is horrible for causing a person to sink right in to it! We call it the quick sand sofa. I love using this Air Comfy Pillow when sitting watching television. With it strapped to myself, no matter if I want to slouch down more or sit up straight, it is right where it needs to be, supporting my neck in just the right place. 
I do love it, and I do wish I had it while on my travels. 
Another thing I was concerned about was getting it back into its carry case. I can promise you that it is super easy to get back in once deflated. Simply roll it up from one end to the other, and slip it right in the case. I always have a hard time getting things back into their packaging. Such as when wanting to return an item to the store, or packing away comforters for the summer. This was super easy. 
I also love the hook that comes with it, so you can clamp it on a bag or backpack if you wish. 
Overall, I endorse this product and hope you get one for yourself.
Just visit the Air Comfy Website to get one. 

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