3 Microbiome Plus+ GI Probiotic Review and Giveaway

If you have been reading this blog for a while you may already know how much my family believes in probiotics. In fact without them my daughter would be in immense daily pain. After multiple doctors visits, tests that usually are only done on people our age, my then sixteen year old daughter thought she was dying, and I myself thought she had to have some terrible serious condition (aside from her type 1 diabetes and cerebral palsy). Nothing was found! She was “fine” according to doctors. 

I won’t go into the details of some of the horrible things she was experiencing, but let me just say if it were not for us discovering probiotics thanks to a lovely nurse who slipped us a note, we never would have known about this saving grace! One thing I have to say is if you can do yourself and your body one wonderful favor, try probiotics! Even if you have nothing wrong with you, you won’t really know what they can do for you, and how much better you can feel unless you just try them. 

3 Microbiome Plus+ GI Probiotic Review + Giveaway
Lets see what the company has to say about their product: 

*Microbiome Plus+ Gastrointestinal
probiotic is a more complete gastrointestinal health dietary supplement that provides natural prebiotic fiber (scFOS) and the probiotic L. reuteri NCIMB 30242 which work together to maintain the balance of healthy bacteria in your gut and support normal digestive function.

* The probiotic in Microbiome Plus+ Gastrointestinal
has been shown in clinical trials to help support normal inflammatory response in addition to supporting digestive health.
* scFOS is a natural prebiotic fiber that supports a healthy gastrointestinal tract by promoting digestive function, immune health, the growth of healthy bacteria, natural intestinal mechanical barriers, and gut integrity.
* Microbiome Plus+ Gastrointestinal combines these two ingredients to provide more complete gastrointestinal health support.
* Not only does scFOS support digestive function but as a prebiotic helps L. reuteri NCIMB 30242 to support normal gastrointestinal function.

So my daughter has been taking 3 Microbiome Plus+ GI Probiotic, she has taken several brands of probiotic over the past four years, and here is what she has to say about it: 

1. It works better than others.

2. It worked faster than others.

3. Likes that it comes with the prebiotic as well as probiotic as it compliments each other and she also has issues that the extra pill works excellent for. 

4. She likes the packaging and how they have the punch tab function. Makes it easier to slip a foil into her purse and have some on her nightstand or medicine cabinet. 

5. Likes that the packaging keeps the pills fresher longer.

This has been her favorite probiotic so far, and we see no reason to look further at this point since Microbiome Plus+ Gastrointestinal has both probiotic and prebiotic included. 

Here are my photos: 

3 Microbiome Plus+ GI Probiotic Review + Giveaway

You also have a chance to win a month supply for yourself in the giveaway below! If you don’t want to wait to see if you are the winner, don’t hesitate to order your own today!

Disclosure: I received 3 Microbiome Plus+ GI Probiotic free in exchange for this review but I only review items I personally enjoy and feel good promoting. 

3 Microbiome Plus+ GI Probiotic

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