Wantable Intimates Review December 2014

Have you heard of Wantable? Wantable is a monthly subscription service for Accessories, Intimates, Fitness, and Beauty. When you join Wantable you first sign up and select which category you want to receive, yes you can receive more than one. Then you take a survey which will help the Wantable stylists know what items will suit you best, then you receive an assortment of goodies right to your door!

Wantable Intimates  Review on Fashion Beyond Forty
Festive Holiday Colors! 

I used to get the accessories box, but now I am focusing on the intimates box, as I could use more intimates in my collection. You can see all of my past Wantable Reviews here.

December’s Wantable was pretty good.  I was sent a very warm pair of pajama bottoms by Nomad, which feel like marshmallow fluff. They certainly keep me toasty in these cold winter months. I think there are two downsides to this item. One is that they are rather childlike in nature. And two, I could easily find as style like this at Walmart. On the other hand, a Walmart brand may not be quite as marshmallowy as these are. I like them, I will wear them, and I will enjoy them, but I am not overwhelmed by them. The only saving grace for this item truly is just how fluffy and marshmallowy they are. They are perfect for lounging around in but not for sleeping in as they become far too warm. They are cute for the holidays though with the candy cane zig zag stripes.

Okay so the next item by Pajama Drama, is a cute long sleeve top and shorts set. While the top has long sleeves it is a thin material so it makes sense with the shorts. There are very pretty accents on the shorts in the form of velvet inserts to make the velvet edging on the top. I really like this set a lot! I can wear it around the house in the evening, and if a friend of my daughter’s happens to drop in its not revealing, but its very cute. I like to cover my arms and I did let my stylist know this so I feel they listened to me on that note. It has just enough sexiness as well which I also appreciate.

Last we have the Modern Heritage lined leggings which are perfect except I do prefer feet in my leggings but I won’t fault Wantable for this, as I did say on my survey I like both footed and footless. The main reason I said I like footless is that I wanted to give them a try, which I have, and I still prefer footed, so I will change this on my survey. I do however love that they are lined! I have never had lined leggings before and I do like them.

Wantable gives us a chance to try new things, like any sub box, but also takes into consideration our likes and dislikes. One thing I can say about Wantable that I love is that they always pay heed to my dislikes and have never sent me anything I do not want such as socks, or underwear. That is a company I can trust, as a lot of sub boxes continue to send me things I have clearly stated I do not want on my style profiles!

Good job Wantable!

If you want to give them a try please use my links above.

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