Try The World Holiday Box And Coupon Code

Note: This post contains affiliate links. (It also contains a coupon code), that makes it a win win!

Try The World is a must have subscription box! In fact it is also a wonderful gift for people that love being adventurous, but maybe don’t get the chance to like myself. For people who love culture, foodies, or the person who has everything, this is a gift they will absolutely love! On the other hand, you should probably also pick one up for yourself!

I previously reviewed the Paris Box, which was absolutely fantastic! Since that post believe it or not Try The World lowered the price on their boxes! Yes you heard that right LOWERED! When does that ever happen? I will tell you now it is not due to the box being subpar, this is my favorite foodie box of all time!

You can start your subscription with the Paris Box and get the Holiday Box for free!
Gourmet Subscription. Start with a FREE box. !

Also get this… Use my Coupon FASHIONBEY40 and get 30% off the Paris Box!

Crazy good deal right?! I am not just here to advertise this great deal however, I do want to show you my Holiday Box so if you don’t want to see before you get yours, stop here, and go buy your own because this is a SPOILER ALERT!!! 
(Obnoxious Space to give you time to look away)

Alright that is enough you are either in or you are out …

Fashion Beyond Forty Presents Try The World Holiday Box
Buy 1. Gift 1 for Free!
Cookies, and Chocolate, and Truffle Oil, Oh My! Oh and Provence Herbs, on of my personal favorites! And Rip Van Wafels Stroopwafel O M G I love these, always have loved stroopwafel! And the Swiss chocolate bar … What Swiss chocolate bar? That baby is GONE!

Look I have tried a lot of foodie boxes over the years, going back to when a great one would come along, then poof out of the blue disappear sadly, and since then some have stuck around but they just don’t have the pizzaz that Try The World does. Anything that comes in a Tiffany Blue Box is alright by me! 

Besides, I don’t get to travel and I would love to but Try The World at least gives me a chance to indulge my whims through good treats! 
So do you think you may want to Try The World too? I know that a subscription to this would make a super gift and it is super easy to cancel at anytime. Try The World also offers free shipping AND free returns! There is nothing to lose here so go for it, I am going to go eat a stroopwafel now. 

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