The Bath Outlet Review – Rainbow Line

I was super excited when I got the chance to review items from The Bath Outlet.  Excited because they are unique to my blog and because they are pretty, and because I really needed them!

I review a lot of makeup and fashion as you know, but it is rare that I get to review accessories.

The Bath Outlet is a leading online retailer of luxury bathroom accessories, so I am honored to get to test them out.

The Bath Outlet prides themselves in providing their customers the best shopping experience from the moment you enter their website, and I will say it is easy to shop on their site and it keeps you engaged with all of their useful products.

Today I am reviewing items from their Rainbow Line. These items are made of thermoplastic resins and include everything from hand mirrors, and soap dishes, to makeup organizes, and waste bins. They come in an exciting variety of colors from hot pink, and neon green, to lavender, and blue, they even offer orange, which is why you may think it crazy that I picked white!

I was allowed to select a couple of items from their line so of course I asked for a makeup organizer and I also asked for a magnifying mirror. I have never had a magnifying mirror although my daughter has one, and I frequently go into her room to use it. I am glad that I finally have my own, and I do like this one a lot better than my daughters. The reason I like it more is because it looks very stylish, and it has a very large mirror surface allowing me to see everything I need to. With my daughter’s mirror you really don’t see the entire face. This mirror magnifies very well and has a very sleep design to it.

The Bath Outlet Rainbow Line Review on Fashion Beyond Forty
The Bath Outlet Rainbow Line

The items arrive well packaged, I think the box the makeup organizer came in was super cute so I kept it and ended up using it as a box for a Christmas gift. As I was wrapping that gift I kept wishing I had learned of the Rainbow line before I spent all of my holiday shopping money! At least I know about it now and can plan birthday gifts for the year ahead to be purchased from them! 

In the photos above I have shown a makeup tray / organizer and a magnifying mirror in a couple of other colors. I am glad I went with white for my bathroom but almost regret not getting red. 

Here is a closer up shot of the products in use. 

Review of Rainbow Line Bath Products Fashion Beyond Forty
I Love This Stuff! 

Before I had all of my makeup thrown into a large basket. Now I have my most used, most loved items right here in one place! I still have my back up and not so often used items in the basket, but this will make it far easier and faster getting my face on each day. The organizer also has feet on the bottom that keep it from scratching any surface you put it on. I am sure of the no scratch feet because I put it on my new table and tried pulling it toward me, my husband cringed. The organizer barely budged, securing to the table by the rubber like feet on the bottom. 

The mirror is so good that I have freaked myself out a couple of times going into the washroom, seeing my reflection and thinking someone else was in the room with me. Have had to laugh at myself not once but twice now, and well, as the saying goes, fool me once…. One would think I would have it figured out by now! 

The mirror is on a stand with a tall “neck” so there is barely any bending over to look into it and the mirror itself swivels in all directions which is excellent because I don’t have to move the mirror to get a different angle and I have even used it for working on my hair as much as my face. And to divulge one dirty secret, I have this one hair, okay fine, its a whisker, that keeps growing out of one tiny place in my face … well that little sucker won’t be staying around as long as before because now I have magnifying power to rid myself of it! 

Here are the Specs on the mirror:

Product Description:

Pedestal magnifying mirror
Base is made of thermoplastic resins
White color
From the Gedy Rainbow Collection

Additional Information:
Short Description:
Decorative pedestal magnifying mirror with white thermoplastic base.

Product Name:
Square Magnifying Mirror with White Base RA2018-02

Brand Name:
Gedy in Italy

Made of thermoplastic resins with a white finish.

This makeup mirror is available in 2.5x magnification.

Suitable for modern style bathrooms.

A free standing makeup mirror.

Gedy offers a 5 year limited warranty on all products

Shipping Method:
Ships with FedEx.
Here are the Specs on the Makeup Tray

Product Description:

Make-up Tray from the Gedy Rainbow collection
Made in thermoplastic resin and finished with white, green, blue, red, black, orange, silver, fuschia, or lilac
Designer contemporary & modern make-up tray for your designer master bath
Imported from and manufactured in Italy.

Additional Information:

Short Description:

Just the make-up tray for a more contemporary & modern master bath – begin with this make-up tray. This free stand square make-up tray is available in white, green, blue, red, black, orange, silver, fuchsia, or lilac and made in the highest quality thermoplastic resin. Made in Italy by Gedy.

Product Name:
Make-up Tray Made of Thermoplastic Resins in Multiple Finishes RA00

Make-up Trays

Usually ships in 3-7 days.

Collection Name:

Brand Name:
Gedy in Italy

Made of thermoplastic resins and available in 9 finishes. These finishes include: White, Green, Blue, Red, Black, Orange, Silver, Fuschia, Lilac.

Suitable for contemporary style bathrooms.

A free standing make-up tray.

Gedy offers a 5 year limited warranty on all products

Shipping Method:
Ships with FedEx.So what I want to know is what color would you choose? Check out their site and come back and let me know in comments. Should I have went with red or did I do right with white? Oh no maybe I should have selected black! Either way I love what I got!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

I love comments! Please join in discussion, ask questions, or leave tips for other readers. Comments truly are the driving force behind any blog as it helps the blogger to know what you, the reader want to see more of!

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