New Year Ahead – Are You Planning a New Look?

Hello Fashionistas! 

With the new year ahead a lot of people are looking forward to the new fashion trends to come. Some of us are considering a new look. This may be a refreshing of the wardrobe, a new hair style, or possibly new hair color. Some may be starting a new weight loss, or toning regimen. 

Personally, I was missing my long blond hair, but I got over that pretty quick. I think I am going to stick to my auburn, brunette, brown tones, however they may come and go. I just feel more “me” with darker hair, even if I was born a natural blond. My only change when it comes to my hair would be that I am about to use a new product from Madison Reed which is a hair gloss that they just put out. That and I may decide to grow it out long again but keep it colored. 

Joely Smith Fashion Beyond Forty - Blond Hair
A Younger Me – Around 2009

Other than that, I have realized that last summer I spent a lot of time working up toward a solid summer wardrobe but this winter I have not really captured the overall closet collection I had wanted. I suppose I will be hitting some sales after the holidays perhaps to try to get a few more winter items in my collection. I have realized a lot of what I have is just too worn out or outdated. Far too few staples that stand the test of time. 

What are your plans for the new year when it comes to beauty and fashion? Do you have a wish-list for any items in particular? Are you planning a different look? I would love to hear about your ideas, thoughts, and plans! 

This is a really important article to consider because in January 2015 I will be hosting a pretty cool giveaway where we may have more than one winner. I don’t want to reveal it quite yet, but a hint would be for you to think about what style, or look, or new change you have made, or are planning to make, with other readers of the blog, via a photo! Don’t worry there is plenty of time to get things together but by sharing your ideas now it may inspire you to push forward with your plans. 

Thanks for being with me these past seven months! I can’t wait for what the new year has in store! 

Stay Stylish! 

I love comments! Please join in discussion, ask questions, or leave tips for other readers. Comments truly are the driving force behind any blog as it helps the blogger to know what you, the reader want to see more of!

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