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Taking Preppy To The Edge! 

Prep School Sweater
This sweater features a plaid button front inner and a knit v-neck sweater outer shell.
Brand: RD Style
Color: Ash Gray
90% Acrylic 10% Nylon

Prep School Sweater

So here I am again loving another item from LeTote. My mother loved it on me, my husband complimented me on it, pretty much anyone who had time to focus on me wearing it on Sunday, when we celebrated our Thanksgiving, noticed it and liked or loved it! While I wish I had the chance to take more photos of me wearing it we were very busy that day, and I was mostly the one behind the camera! I did manage to get a few snaps of me in action wearing it but its not really fair to the shirt because I was either cooking, carrying plates, or somewhat otherwise blocking the beauty of the shirt! I did manage to get one decent shot of me however, thanks to my daughter and brother in law who kept trying to get a decent photo in our dim house lighting. My husband and I have discussed the dim lighting in the house which is wonderful for relaxing, but horrible for taking photos after 4pm in the winter! Anyway, here is the photo decent enough to share.

Prep School Sweater from LeTote
I styled this preppy sweater with some pleather rocker pants from Groopdealz, and some amazing shoes I stole from my daughter for this outfit! I think my glasses actually help complete this look, although they may be a little too glam perhaps. What do you think? Trust me I looked way better earlier in the evening before all the cooking and socializing but overall I love this sweater, which really wears more like a top. The material is thin, yet warm in the cold Kansas weather! The top underneath is a partial, so basically for those of you my age, it is more like a dickey but the under part – the part with the stripes goes all the way down as you can see, yet it does not cover the arms. As you can tell in the photo there is some transparency in the material of the grey sweater, so it is in fact thin, so you don’t feel you are sweating in it, and it served me well while I was serving guests! I love how you can take this sweater / top in many directions from straight out pretty to more the way I styled it with a hard edge.

Overall I am so happy with the service from LeTote! The earrings I am wearing in this photo, which are really pretty, had a stone that fell out during the time I had the tote. I contacted their customer service online via chat on their site, and right away I was speaking with Alex, who promptly told me he would be sure that another pair of the exact same item would be included in my next tote (which was good because I told him I was considering buying them) and it would not take up the place of the other items they would send. Basically these earrings would be an extra in my next tote. Yay!

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