Happiness Is … Well Deserved Recognition from TARC

This lovely lady has been in my life for, goodness, fifteen years now!

Wow how time flies. T is a very sweet person who has faced many challenges in her life.

I love her dearly. She participates in Special Olympics, works, and has more of a social life than I do!

She is truly a wonderful presence on our earth and I am so happy that she was awarded a special certificate from TARC as well as a package from Santa!


Happiness Is ... Well Deserved Recognition from TARC
Well Deserved Recognition!

Looks like someone made the “Nice” list!

Of course, she did, how could she not! I am so happy that T loved her package from Santa.

On top of that received some well-deserved recognition for her fourteen years at TARC!

I always love to see her smile and she is lucky to have an amazing mom!

I know my friend A works her rear off keeping both of her girls active and as a mother I know this means as much to her as it does to T.

So today I am happy for my friends!

I would love to hear about what has made you happy today. Please share in the comments.



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