This morning while sipping my coffee – black, which I usually take with some cream, I had a nostalgic moment. A memory came to me of coffee candies! If you are around my age you probably remember them! My grandmother and great grandmother loved them! This set me off on a tidal wave of remembrance of old fashion candy!

As I started browsing for photos of old fashioned candy, I realized I could not stop remembering so many candies from days gone by! Some still quite popular, and some becoming more obsolete! I mean don’t you all remember circus peanuts? While I did not include them in the photo I still love them. You can still find them at stores here and there, especially stores like Dollar Tree, for example, but they certainly are not main stream.

Fashion Beyond Forty - Happiness Is Old Fashioned Candy
Old Fashioned Candy

I was never that fond of the coffee candy as a little one, but today the smell and taste of my coffee brought back a happy memory of the aroma of my elders sucking on them, and my attempts to enjoy them. What I did love back then were the Root Beer Barrels! Ironically, I do not care for them as much these days. And who could forget lemon drops, which are still quite popular today. One thing I find however is that today’s lemon drops are coated with far less sugar, and that does bother me, as I liked the outer gritty layer of sugar, and not just because it is sugary, but because of the feel in the mouth.

You can still find the stick candy in many markets, and I always loved having all of the flavor options. Then we have Chiclets, those were around in abundance even as my kids were little, but I noticed recently that they are no longer on the shelves of our local grocery stores. Why not? What happened to them? I loved Chiclets both the original size and the tiny size.

I also always seek out the candy ribbons at Christmas time for my grandmother. Her twin sister and she both love these candies. Since her twin has passed it makes an even more special gift for my grandmother at Christmas. Now, if you remember the candy ribbons, maybe you also remember the special holiday candies as shown in the bottom far right photo! My great grandmother always had a tin of these every year. A real tin, a large tin of them, with the outside very colorful showing all the potential goodies inside! I recall as a child picking through this tin looking for my favorites, which I never knew which exactly where my favorites since there were so many flavors and colors! Basically each time I was allowed to select one or two it was a new adventure. Yet, I picked through them as if looking for one special treasured candy, even though I had no idea which I wanted to find! I do know I never liked the ones with the creamy centers! I would usually opt for one with a fruit on the end, or a flower.

I can’t even say truly that I loved any of these candies, with exception of the gum and lemon drops, but it is the memories of the candies, my family, growing up, and the nostalgia of it all that I love!

And as I am writing this I just remembered those pink candies that tasted like Pepto Bismol! Anyone else recall those? What were people thinking with those candies? Haha maybe you loved them, but I could hardly choke one down, yet my grandmother liked them a lot!

So many wonderful memories are attacked to the pretty colors, shapes, and flavors of candy from days gone by. We also used to have candy shops on some street corners that are no longer there. Now days, you may find a candy shop in the local mall, but it just is not the same.

I suppose this is a sign of my age, not that I am that old, or maybe it is the holidays that bring up thee feelings, and thoughts but I love moments of nostalgia!

What candies come to your mind when you think of “old fashioned” candy? Leave me some comments because I know I have left a lot of very good ones out!

So today, for me, Happiness Is … nostalgic memories of old fashioned candy.

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