Happiness Is … Grandma Lynn’s Ornaments

My kids Grandmother makes all of the grandkids their own special ornament each and every year! Now I have made a commitment in my blog here to do a daily happiness is thread so I can totally appreciate the planning, effort, and commitment it takes for Grandma Lynn to make a special ornament for each and every grand kid every holiday season, especially since she has no shortage of grandkids!

This year the “kids” all got stocking ornaments and I have to say Grandma Lynn is getting better and better at the ornament making each year! I wonder if her secret is the Internet with all the great ideas floating around? I also wonder, and need to ask her what the cut off is for getting the ornaments because my eldest is now 21 and he still got one! Now that I think about it… if he is an “adult” and getting one then where have the other adult ornaments been all this time? Hummm … oh sorry back to the happiness …

Here are the pretty stocking ornaments the kids got this year:

Fashion Beyond Forty Happiness Is Grandma Lynn's Christmas Ornaments
Christmas Stocking Ornaments

I find it admirable that Grandma Lynn finds the time, energy, and patience to make all of these ornaments every year and they will always be cherished by myself, and my kids. She is going to have to share the secret of her success and motivation! I look forward to many more wonderful ornaments from Grandma Lynn in the coming years.

So for me, today, Happiness Is … Grandma Lynn’s Ornaments!

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