Today my mother, my daughter, and myself went over to my aunt’s house to visit with her and my grandmother, (my grandmother lives with my aunt). We took their Christmas gifts to them since grandma does not generally handle long get togethers so well anymore we know she won’t be coming for our actual Christmas get together. So with that said, we had out little holiday get together today. 

Of course we exchanged gifts but the most fun was trying to capture a few good photos of everyone. Grandma can be so ornery refusing to smile in photos, putting up her hand in front of her face, and my aunt is so goofy! My grandmother turned the tables on my aunt however, as you can see in the photo lower left … as my aunt was distracted, grandma snuck my aunt’s checkbook out of her back pants pocket! 

Early Holiday Get Together Fashion Beyond Forty
Our Goofy Bunch! 

While the photo quality may not be the best, I didn’t want to turn our family get together into a fashion shoot so I just did what I could do, the last photo is horrible but it was the only shot of the action taking place of my grandmother stealing the checkbook. Unfortunately my aunt’s face was not in the shot. Look at that innocent face on my grandmother. Almost as if she didn’t even realize what she had done, yet a tempting look as to say “don’t underestimate me missy!”

None of us, with the exception of my daughter, looked very good today. In fact if you ask me we all look like we had been out clubbing all evening and came home exhausted and intoxicated, but hey that’s my family! lol

We all had a good time, kept it short and sweet, because grandma does wear out fast, and had some goodies my aunt always has all over the place. She is totally into her snacks and candies, “forcing” us to take some home with us.

So for me, today, Happiness Is … An early holiday get together with part of my family. 

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