Finally! A little late this year due to a late start having our Thanksgiving Dinner the Sunday after thanksgiving, and then not being able to get everyone together to put decorations on at the same time. We each added some decor to the tree little by little.

Fashion Beyond Forty Christmas Tree
Our Tree

This year, since things were so odd and we were not a unified family decorating our tree I did add a little new “tradition” which was offering some craft supplies so that everyone could personalize an ornament if they wanted.

Now all of us have special ornaments of our own but I wanted to make up for our disjointed efforts on the tree decoration. The personalized ornaments sort of gave that “I was here” effect.

Fashion Beyond Forty Christmas Ornaments
Personalized Ornaments

So our tree is finally up. I will admit we do not have nearly as many ornaments on it as we have in previous years, but it still looks pretty and we are pleased with it. The lesson is, it is not about how you get to the final result, as long as you make it to the end and are happy with the result you received.

We still have yet to get any decor on the house but we may have to skip it this year since my husband just had shoulder surgery. He probably should not be climbing about.

So today, for me, Happiness Is, having our Christmas tree up!

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