Happiness Is … Chili

I hope you were not here today for any deep insights or any open sharing of things significant because the thing I am most happy about today is very simple.

It has been raining here in Kansas, as it has been in many states from the east to the midwest. Strange weather for this time of year, but not entirely unusual since in Kansas, if you don’t like the weather, wait a while, it will change. Still, rain, in December, yeah a little odd. Along with the rain it has been seasonably reasonable, cold. So my mind went easily to chili!!

Chili just chili

So around 9pm my husband and I finally left our computers long enough to run down to Dollar General, which opened up about a mile away from us just a few months ago. It has been a life saver for those late night runs to the store! Before we had to drive about five miles, which okay that is really not so bad, but it is nice to have a store close by, even if they don’t have everything. We picked up chili fixins although not the same products I would normally buy, it was good enough for a craving!

Yes I will have some chili with my cheese, thank you! Yes the cinnamon roll is in fact pre-packaged, I will admit it, I did not make them. Normally I would, but again, late night craving, not gourmet.

Funny enough it was pretty good, and I am picky when it comes to my chili! Many years ago I won a chili cook-off in not one but two categories so I do know how to make great chili, but in times like this, when you are tired, hungry, and up for anything to curb a craving, I will make dollar general store chili any day!

It satisfied our craving, filled our tummy, we have leftovers for days, and we all know chili is better after the first day.

So today, Happiness Is … Chili

Told you it wasn’t going to be deep today. 🙂

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