Happiness Is … About You!

Often my Happiness Is posts are about a specific situation, person, or item. Maybe it is a new sweater, or perhaps it is a cherished moment with a loved one, but my posts are about the things that make me happy. Today I want to help you find ways to make your life happier, more full of joy, so I wanted to talk about finding those happy moments.

You may think it is difficult for me to find inspiration for my daily happiness posts, and I will admit, there are some days that it is difficult to either decide which happy moment to post about, or to find that small glimmer of happy at all. We all have those days where nothing seems to be going right.

Fashion Beyond Forty Happiness Is About You!

Finding daily happiness need not be about some grand moment or event, like a family get together, or about that great deal you got on a designer handbag, although sometimes it is! Happiness is something we sometimes have to look for, to stop, focus on, and discover.

How can you find those little happy moments?

1. Look around you: Look at the things you have, and don’t look at them simply as objects, but try looking at them as a memory. Maybe that strange little statue sitting on your shelf that you got stuck with was a private joke between you and a dear old friend. That is the happiness, not the statue itself, but the memory of the friend that the statue conjures up.

Fashion Beyond Forty Happiness Is About You!
Our “Sweetie” Statue

2. Be in the moment: Sometimes you are rushing through your day and you stop for something, maybe a coffee at the local coffee shop, or your favorite sub shop, for example. As you take that first sip, or fist bite, and your eyes roll back in your head and you say to yourself, or perhaps even outloud “Oh YES! This is sooo good” right there is your happiness! The first sip of coffee in the morning always makes me happy, even better if the coffee is very good, how can that not be a moment of happiness? If you are smiling, you are in that moment happy.

Fashion Beyond Forty Happiness Is About You!
This is the Truth! 

3. Give a compliment: Sometimes the best way to feel better is to make someone else feel better. I have a firm belief that we should compliment each and every person we see every day in some small way. You can tell them you love their new hairstyle, their shoes, or that you find them to be an interesting conversationalist. I promise you that if you make someone else feel good, you will feel good in return, and feeling good is happiness!

4. Set a goal: If you are feeling stuck in a rut, make a list, set a goal, dream a little. Nothing works better for getting out of a rut than to start making a plan of action. Your happy moment can be as basic and as big as making a decision to initiate the thought process on a plan or goal, and create a future “Happiness Is” moment when that goal is accomplished and you think back on the day you first set out on your plans to achieve it!

Fashion Beyond Forty Happiness Is About You!
The Finish Line Is Within Reach! 

5. People in your life: Your happy moment may not always be about yourself, or your stuff. Your happy moments very well may be the success and happiness of those you love. It is absolutely okay to claim a little of that happiness as your own because after all if you have been in their lives championing them along, you deserve some credit too.

Remember, happy moments need not be big, need not be about a person, place, or thing, they can be one of those, or all of them combined, but they can also be as basic as a hot soak in the tub, a chance to spend an hour reading, or watching your favorite movie.

Fashion Beyond Forty Happiness Is About You!
Some Of My Favorite Nights! 

Share with us your happy moment in the comments below please!

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