Glossybox November 2013

I signed up for Glossybox in time to get the November box and now I am expecting my December box soon. I have to say, of all the sub boxes for beauty out there, this one takes the cake! 

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The contents of the box are excellent but what’s more, the packaging. Okay ladies I realize that a box is just a box, and that while I may find usefulness for said box after I have used up the contents it is still just a box, but oh what a box it is! The entire experience of a subscription box starts at the packaging! 

When we find out we have received our subscription box in the mail, we squee with delight, rush inside to find something to open it with, and rip into it joyfully, excitedly, with abandon. Okay maybe that is just me. Some people may go very slowly, carefully taking of the tape, delicately, opening the box. Well, you people are irritating LOL sorry I am joking, my son does that with Christmas packages, making us all wait patiently on him as he relishes and enjoys every slow motion minute. He has fun though. Me, I rip into my presents just like I rip into my boxes. This makes it very difficult for me as a blogger, who has to pause with each step to take photos. I make this sacrifice for you. 

However, I was talking about packaging. I have to say that Glossybox is so freaking beautiful! From the outter box to the inner box, from the ribbon, to the card insert. This box is curated with the girly girl in mind! It is perfection! 

Glossybox Review November 2014 on Fashion Beyond Forty
Glossybox November 2014

The outer box is laden with the pretty Glossybox logo, the inner box, so pretty in pink! You are already in love before you even see what’s inside! 

Glossybox November 2014 Fashion Beyond Forty
Glossybox is So Fancy!

Inside the inner box you find more packaging, pink tissue paper tied in a pretty black bow, insert card tucked neatly inside, and the logo sticker letting you know good things are yet to come….

Glossybox November 2014 Fashion Beyond Forty
Glossybox November Insert Card

Here I show one side of the insert card which is vibrant with color and good descriptions of everything yet to be discovered under yet another layer of pretty tissue paper! 

Glossybox November 2014 Fashion Beyond Forty
The Beautiful Goodies Inside November’s Glossybox

And not to be ignored, the fact that all of the items inside Glossybox are beautiful as well. Rich colors abound, pretty packaging, intriguing items of all types, all to help us be even more beautiful. I mean who can go wrong with an OPI nail polish in the perfect pink? Lavender bath oil, yes please! Blush, of course always! Hair treatment, okay I can use that. Juice Beauty Age Defy Moisturizer, of course, that is just what the doctor ordered! 

Ladies, I could not be more happy with this box. I mean honestly, I was only going to get ONE box so that I could review it for you, my wonderful readers, and because I got it at a super good deal. I was curious, figured I could blog about it, then cancel. Well, I am not canceling. This is my favorite beauty box, EVER! Not to knock other boxes, as others I have tried, and some I still subscribe to have great benefits, good items, and are quite fun, but this box, I am just floored by, in awe of, excited about, and I can’t wait to see what is in next month’s box. I hear that it includes all full sized items! Not that these items are small or anything! 

The OPI polish is full size, the perfect blush pink color, a color I have been coveting for ages but just have not purchased since I do not take very good care of my nails I did not feel I needed it or deserve it. Well Glossybox thinks I do. Happy face. At $9.50 retail value. 

Juice Beauty has been making waves recently in sub boxes and I am not surprised to find it in this box. Juice Beauty has a very good line of skin care. I am happy with this sample. $45.00 full size, sample $11.25 at .5 ounce.

Kneipp Herbal Bath Balancing in Lavender is just wow! I love relaxing with Lavender and as someone totally essential oils this is right up my alley! I can’t wait to go take a relaxing bath! The full size is only $20.00 which is a steal because I know how much essential oils cost, and this is loaded with lavender essential oil, they did not skimp on this product. $3.96 sample value but in my opinion worth far more. 

12 Benefits Instant Healthy Hair Treatment smells like love and is fitting for its sexy red bottle! A full size 6 Ounce bottle costs $20.00 and my 1.5 ounce sample has a $5.00 value.  

I can’t stress enough that the curation of a subscription service of any type must begin with the way we feel about receiving it from start to finish. Its not only about what is in the box but that first impression when we get it in our hot little hands. There are only a few subscription boxes that make me feel this way and I will be blogging about that in the near future as well. Today however, Glossybox has hit the top of my list for best beauty boxes. 

Glossybox Review November 2013 Fashion Beyond Forty
Glossybox is 21.00 per month

Sign up to get your own Glossybox for only 21.00 per month! 

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