For Men: How To Stuff A Stocking

Ladies, share this with the men in your life, your kids, whoever needs to know! Print it out, share with them via social media, whatever must be done. These people in our lives need to know! 

For Men: How To Stuff A Stocking
Sad Christmas Stocking

Here are my top recommendations for stocking stuffers for women. 

1. Bath Scuffie – So what is a bath scuffie you ask? Its a pouf ball that a woman uses in the shower in place of a wash cloth. Yes, men use them too, and that is okay! They are colorful and are great to top off the stocking with or if shoved inside can take up extra room, which basically means you have to buy less stuff to stuff the stocking with! Win win! 

For Men: How to Stuff a Stocking
Bath Scuffie

2. Bath Soaps, Gels, Oils, etc. – Okay I am not talking Ivory or Dove here. Get something a little more fancy or fun. Bath and Body Works is the place to go for these items (you can also get the scuffie there as well!) They have amazing sales, especially around the holidays and the workers there are trained to help people find things, even the guys! 

3. Body Sprays – Same as above, Bath and Body works has these as well! Think of what she enjoys. Does she like light airy scents, deep earthy scents, floral, sweet, etc? You can also get what you like if you are not sure what she likes. 

4. Candles – the mini size, also known as tea-light candles. You can get these at Bath and Body Works as well believe it or not! In fact, men, you can get a a stocking completely filled at this store, however I do recommend shaking it up just a little bit. You want to make it appear you made effort, right!? 

5. Makeup Remover Pads – these are simple cotton pads shaped like discs. Women use them to remove makeup, and nail polish. I personally can never have enough! They come in a package that is elongated so they go right into the stocking, plus take up some space! 

For Men: How to Stuff a Stocking
Cotton Pads to Remove Makeup

6. Nail Care Items – Women always need an extra pair of clippers, or cuticle care items. You an get some nail polish, some polish remover, or nail files. Be sure the women in your life actually does her nails first, but if she does these items can take up some real estate in that stocking and will be loved.

7. Coffee or Tea – For me it is coffee and tea as I love both. Get her some of the good stuff too, or try different flavors, or brands. She may have her favorites but trying something new is always fun. 

8. Candy – She is never too grown up for candy! In fact grown ups love all types of candy from childhood favorites to organic, to high end gourmet treats. Don’t feel stuck in the holiday candy isle! Go to the regular candy selections and check out all of the wonderful chocolate bars available from all over the world. 

9. Jewelry – Never ever underestimate the power of jewelry at Christmas! These days you can find some very pretty items for under 100.00 and of course far above that as well. Jewelry for the holidays, especially as a stocking stuffer need not be totally expensive to be impressive. In fact, a small jewelry item in the stocking as an “extra” is worth its weight in gold. See what I did there?! Sign up for emails from chain jewelry stores like Kay, Zales, and the like, and you will be flooded ith coupons and great deals! This is a good tip for any store you may be wanting to shop at! 

10. Photos / Photo Items – Places like Snapfish, CowCow and others offer not only photo printing but also special items such as a coffee mug with a photo, or a photo puzzle for example. Walmart does this as well. You can even get a photo put on an ornament which she can place on the tree this year and all years to come. Select a special photo of the two of you, or of your kids, or even better, a place you promise to take her one day! Figi for me! 

11. Tech Accessories – Hey we may be women but we love our tech too! Car phone chargers, earbuds (especially if they are blingy), or a new pretty stylus can come in handy! 

For Men: How to Stuff a Stocking
Bring On The Bling With Tech Accessories! 

12. Movie passes – movie passes promise of date nights to come and we love that idea! 

13. Lottery Tickets – Hey if nothing else she could win some money back to pay off those credit cards from holiday spending! Women love games of chance as much as men do! 

14. Gift Cards – Sephora is tops, Beauty Brands is good. A gift card will provide her the ability to get the beauty items that were too risky for you to purchase her. Also consider, Macy’s, JC Penny, Dillard’s and other anchor stores at the local mall. 

15. Books – books are a good thing to stuff in a stocking, providing you know what she likes to read. If not a gift card will do, but fair warning, don’t go to gift cards to solve all of your stocking woes. Not only will we feel you made no effort, but also you will end up spending a wad of money since they do not take up much space in the stocking itself! 

16. Jams, and Jellies – Okay maybe it is just me but I always loved getting those candy canes filled with jams and jellies! Now days, they have fancier jams and jellies than they did when we were kids. You can also find these filled with spicy and honey mustards, candies, and other items.

For Men: How to Stuff a Stocking
Appeal to Her Sweet Tooth

17. Her Hobbies – depending on what she is into you can usually find something as a stocking stuffer to go with her interests. Consider what she is into, what she would maybe like to do but has not taken time to herself to begin yet. Get her something that will accessorize her hobbies or that will perhaps inspire her to start one. If she is into painting get her some paints or paint brushes. If she is into bird watching get her a book on birdwatching or some mini binoculars to stick in her purse. You get the idea, just get her something that really says “I know my woman!” 

Men, kids, family members, remember it is helpful to snoop before any type of holiday shopping but with stockings you may need to do a little added research. Note her favorite scents, colors, flavors, and so on. Trust me if a woman already has something and it is almost gone, getting more, even though she still has some left is welcome! Almost gone is as good as gone to most women! 

Be thoughtful but don’t stress out about it. Stockings are supposed to be fun, not stressful. Just ask yourself when you lay it all out, is it colorful? Does it evoke scents, flavors, visual dimension. Also be sure to wrap a few of the items before putting them in the stocking. It is extra fun to have a couple of stocking items to unwrap! 

Then one last thing… do the test run! Stuff it all in her stocking and ask yourself if it looks full enough! Never do a half filled stocking! 

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