Evian Facial Spray Review

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Stress is one of the biggest factors in skin drying out. Yes the weather can do this to us, as well as product we use on our faces, as well as other factors but stress is a naturally occurring factor that highly contributes to skin dryness. I have a lot of stress in my daily life and this is why I am loving my Evian Facial Spray! 

I literally have had it sitting beside me on my work desk since I received it and I am loving the delicate misty spray on my face several times a day.

When I sold cosmetics many many years ago the first thing I learned was that moisture is essential to our skin for it to be vibrant, healthy, and glowing. I was told to always have some water by my bedside during the night and if I wake up to dab some on my face. I can’t say I have always done this, but I have done it more often than I have not and I would like to think that it has done some good over the years. 

I really do not think it takes much convincing to prove to anyone how vital this moisture is to our skin’s health. We are made mostly of water, and we need to replenish that water by drinking it and by keeping our skin moisturized and it is not just skin creams that can do this but it can also be achieved by pure glacier water from Evian. 

Truth is, Evian is my favorite bottled water and it is what I buy when I want to feel like I am pampering myself. I am not joking when I say I am in love with drinking water and I drink about six or more bottles of water per day. My husband says we need to invest in our own water purifier! Around our house we refer to water as “Life Juice” because it is! We all really love our water and I am so happy to have this mist right here with me, right now! I am so happy to find they sell it at Sephora as well because that is my favorite place to buy my beauty products! 

So just what is this Evian Facial Spray? Check out the video for starters: 

Here is more from Evian about their spray:

Evian Facial Spray contains a pure, soft, natural mineral water with a totally unique mineral balance, and a neutral 7.2pH. These properties are why the spray is extremely compatible with the human body. Evian Facial Spray is suited to all skin types, even the most sensitive.

Evian Spray is packaged with the consumer and the environment in mind. The leak-proof canister is the ideal product to take on-the-go in any purse or travel bag. Unlike many other water sprays, Evian Spray is sealed at the source, so it can not be contaminated. Water sprays that are not sealed can contain unwanted bacteria and contaminants that may irritate the skin or cause breakouts. Evian is powered by pure nitrogen into millions of tiny micro-droplets. These micro-droplets are the driving force that enable Evian water spray to be absorbed by the skin. Nitrogen comprises 80% of each breath we take, so there is no effect on the ozone layer.

The exquisitely fine mist produced by evian® Brumisateur® penetrates and rehydrates the upper layers of the skin and leaves skin looking healthy and feeling refreshed. Of course, it is dermatologically tested and hypo-allergenic.

Evian Facial Spray is available in 3-4 sizes depending on the retailer. The 1.7 oz. (50ml) travel-size has a suggested retail of $7.00 and is perfect for the purse or small bag. Most stores do not carry this individual size preferring instead to carry a three-pack (Trio) of travel-sizes that typically retails for $19.50. Then there is the 5 oz. (150ml) size, great for gym bag or tote, that has a suggested retail of $12.00 and finally, there is the economy/professional 10 oz. (300ml) size for the home that retails for $17.50. All of these prices will be slightly raised on February 1, 2015.

Evian Facial Spray Review on Fashion Beyond Forty
Before and After Photo (just kidding of course) 

Seriously there is so much great information on this product from how it has been doctor tested and approved to how the water itself is starts out high on a mountain top and filters down over 15 years time but I will spare you all of that information right here and just give you the link so you can investigate more yourself.  

So you may be wondering – just how does one use this product? Here is what Evian has to say about that: 

Skincare Routine:

With each misting, evian® Brumisateur® (Brew-meez-ah-tour) Natural Mineral Water Facial Spray helps hydrate, tone, and soothe all skin types including sensitive skin leaving the skin looking healthy. French women, famous for their beauty savvy, have long depended on the special benefits of evian® Brumisateur® as part of their daily skin care regime.

Evian Facial Spray is easily assimilated into any skincare and makeup regime and actually helps improve the performance of any skin care or cosmetic products used with it. Morning and evening, Evian is applied in a soaking spray following a cleansing routine in order to remove traces of tap water and cleanser while also toning and hydrating. After allowing the unique mineral balance and water to be absorbed for a few moments, the excess is patted dry and then followed by a moisturizer to seal in the Evian hydration. This leaves skin looking healthy and feeling refreshed.

Makeup Routine:
In addition to skin care, Evian Facial Spray is also an asset to any makeup routine. After applying makeup, hold the canister 9-12 inches from the face, and lightly mist in a circular motion right over makeup. This helps makeup blend with the skin to give it a more natural look while bringing out more color. This can be done several times during the day to refresh makeup and hydrate the skin without messing up makeup. A favorite trick among makeup artists, our product can be used to lightly moisten makeup brushes for more precise application and blending. It can also be used to dilute makeup.

Personally, I take the super simple route. I just have it by my side as I am working, and on my night stand while sleeping and when I feel like it, I spray some on! Not only am I doing a good thing for my skin but I also feel super refreshed when I spray it. Its not like your typical sprayer either because I can just hear some of you saying “why don’t you just buy a sprayer at the dollar store and put tap water in it?” Well I do not feel it would give the same result. First off this mist is very fine and refreshing and does not mess up my make up. Sorry but the regular sprayers for plants and such just don’t have a mist like this and would mess up my make up. Second of all, its not Evian Glacier water! Call me pretentious but I do like my water to be good water. 
I will admit, before I got this spray from Evian I did worry about it messing up my makeup, but it doesn’t and in fact it does a nice job of setting my makeup in the morning after I had first put it all on.
Also I will say that I love the spray bottle and it is far better than trying to take a garden spray bottle with me in my tote! This is perfect for the office, the gym, at home, on the night stand, anywhere you want to spray a refreshing moisturizing mist on your skin.
More from Evian: 

The exquisitely fine mist produced by evian® Brumisateur® penetrates and rehydrates the upper layers of the skin. evian® water has a unique mineral balance along with exceptional purity which suits all skin types, even the most sensitive. Leaves skin looking healthy and feeling refreshed. Dermatologically tested. The leak-proof canister is the ideal product to take on-the-go in any purse or travel bag. Unlike other water sprays, Evian Spray is sealed at the source, so it can not be contaminated.

I think it is a lovely pampering gift for a bride to be who wants to glow on her wedding day, new mother who’s skin is depleted from giving birth, elderly person who needs to revive their skin, someone with dry skin issues, young people who want to retain their youthful glow, everyone, including you!  

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