Birchbox Review December 2014

December’s Sparkly Blue Birchbox arrived today and I must say I am truly a sucker for pretty packaging! I have been thinking of the ways I can reuse this box! 

It was addressed to The Shining Joely Smith. 

Birchbox Review December 2014 Fashion Beyond Forty
Birchbox December 2014

I will try to live up to that title! Isn’t the box itself just so pretty! I love the color, the gold glitters and the edging on the box is even cool! I think Birchbox did an okay job this month with my picks but I would not say it is bang on.

 Here is what I got:

Birchbox December 2014 Review on Fashion Beyond Forty
Birchbox December 2014

Let’s begin with the Rusk Texture Dry Finishing Spray. Birchbox got it right sending me this since I do love working hair spray and texturing spray as my hair needs this a lot, however I am not a fan of the masculine, barber shop aroma. So this is pretty much a miss, except I will either use it as a backup or a stocking stuffer for one of the guys in the family. Undecided. Otherwise I would love for Birchbox to send more items like this, I just do not like the smell.

Then we have SeaRX Microdermabrasion Face and Body Scrub. This is alright, I don’t mind getting something like this now and then, and it is very mild, so if you are like me, and do not want a harsh microdermabrasion you will like it. On the other hand, the scrub part in this title is misleading, as there are hardly any scrubbie particles in this cream. For me this again is not a miss but not fully a hit. It is just alright.

Next up is Mirenesse Mattfinity Lip Rogue in Sydney. I like this a lot, the color is pretty, great pigmentation, and more of a cream in my book. I love creamy lippies so this is a win for me. It is also a new to be brand which is cool. The packing is also interesting and I love interesting, pretty, or cool packaging.

Onward to an item I was not so thrilled with – Ojon Rare Blend Oil Moisture Therapy for hair. It is for fried dead ends which I could use if it were not an oil product. I can not, repeat NOT use oils in my hair and I sure wish Birchbox would figure that out by my style profile but oh well. The smell is amazing, a light sugary lemon scent which I wish I could slather all of myself, but I just can’t use any oils in my thin, baby fine hair. So this is a miss. I was going to put it in my mother’s stocking for Christmas but I dropped the dang thing and spilled most of it. Sad face.

Last but not least we have Vasanti Cosmetics Kajal Extreme Intense Eye Pencil. One thing … I don’t get why they call it extreme because on my fair skin the color is almost nonexistent. This is a very fair rose gold, which I would love except it blends into my natural color so much you just can’t see it very well even with a darker eyeshadow. I want to love it, but just can’t. I am giving to my daughter who has a more olive complexion than myself, I think it will look great on her.

So it appears most of my box is all about giving, to others haha. That is okay it is the season of giving right!?

Now, I did say last but not least, and I meant it, I also got a coupon / voucher to use at Gap! Now that is something I will absolutely use! With Gap clearance prices I am sure to come out of the store with at least one nice top, or a few pair of earrings for ten dollars. I think this is my favorite item in the box this month since I can use it myself. Oh who am I kidding? I will probably give this to someone else in their stocking too. Why not right?

So what do you think of my box this month? What did you get in yours? Did you love it? Hate it? Cancel your box? Or are you loving this and thinking of subscribing? The box really is a good deal. I mean for 10.00 per month you get to try a lot of new items, and when you review each product in your box you get points to use toward purchases in their shop.

To be honest, this is the main reason I get the box. I saved up enough points over the past several months to buy a few Christmas gifts this year! Plus Birchbox is always offering coupon codes that you can use to reduce your total cost in the shop, so basically I got about a hundred dollars worth of items for about twenty dollars! Not a bad deal at all.

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