Walmart Beauty Box Winter Younger Version

On the 17th I shared with you my Winter Walmart Beauty Box  but my daughter also gets the Walmart Box as well, and her version is always a bit different from my own. She usually gets more “fun” colorful items. This month as you will see in the photo she did get one colorful makeup (fun) item but her box, like mine and others I am seeing is more about hair and skin care.

Walmart Beauty Box Younger Version Fashion Beyond Forty
Walmart Beauty Box – The “younger” Version

Myself and other bloggers have a theory that Walmart bases your items on your age, and it has become obvious this is true, which is fine since we have different needs for our skin and hair. We mostly all also agree that we “older” ladies enjoy the fun stuff too and so some of us were a little let down that we did not get any makeup in our boxes. However after seeing my daughters box I feel a bit better about this as clearly Walmart is focusing on skin and hair care this winter season more than makeup, which is fine since winter months can do a lot of damage to skin and hair. Then again, summer months can too. Oh well, it is not so bad when you see the younger folk only getting one makeup item. With that said however, my daughter’s box came with a lot larger samples, and only one foil sample, unlike my box and other boxes which were packed with foils.

Either way five dollars for a beauty box is great!

Here is where you can get your own Walmart Beauty Box. As far as I know there are no referral links for this box so I do not benefit by you clicking my link or buying from my link.

Basically there is no style profile for this box, you get what you get, regardless of what you like or need. The only way in which I think they determine if you get a young box or older person box is by the date of birth you put in when you sign up so keep that in mind if you sign up!

Here are my Previous Walmart Beauty Box Reviews.

So what do you all think of this box compared to mine? Let me know in the comments and I would love to hear what you got in yours if you got one.

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