Zatik Pomegranate Eyebright Serum Review

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HoneyColony sent me Zatik Pomegranate Eyebright Organic Eye and Face Serum to review.

First I want to talk a little about HoneyColony.

The Honey Colony’s Mission Statement is as follows:

Company Mission Statement: We’re here to unite the growing number of people adopting healthy lifestyles and seeking to cut through the hype and claims about natural products and remedies. With a little help from leading health experts and top-notch journalists in the field, community wisdom determines what works and what doesn’t.

Here is a video from their website that explains more:

I love Honey Colony’s mission! 
When Honey Colony sent me this serum to review I told them that it may take me a few weeks to use the product before I could review it but I am seeing results in less than a week! 
I really love the way that Zatik Pomegranate Eyebright Serum feels on my skin, in fact it does not feel like anything on my skin but rather absorbs so easily, so quickly it is like it is a part of my skin itself! I also love the scent, which some of you honestly may not, it is very earthy and does not have perfumes or chemical junk in it, which is also why it is the color that it is, sometimes I wonder how beauty products get their serums, lotions, and creams so very bright white. I suspect there is some kind of bleaching agent used in them. I hate to think of how that would dry out one’s skin! 
Regardless Zatik Pomegranate Eyebright Serum is all natural, organic, and there is a 100% money back guarantee if you do not like it! 

Honey Colony also offers Bee Bucks!

What are BeeBucks?

BeeBucks are like honey-coated coins that reward meaningful social activity that helps determine which products and articles offer the most value to our members. You can earn BeeBucks by sharing, reviewing, and rating items across HoneyColony, by introducing a new member to our site, and even by grading other members’ reviews. This feature is being introduced gradually and will be fully functional in March of 2013. Redeeming your BeeBucks will first be limited to certain products but will quickly grow to a wide offering. Members who consistently earn high BeeBucks also get freebies, testers, and other exclusive benefits.

HoneyColony donates to The Pollination Project and you can do the same if you would like right here.

Honey Colony is a small start up business so please help support them in their efforts by purchasing organic, healthy products from them. They offer so much more than face serums, they also have gift sets, which would be wonderful for the holidays, sweets, home and garden items, and so much more, all natural and organic!

I almost forgot to show you my photos!

Zatik Pomegranate Eyebright Serum Review Fashion Beyond Forty

I love the aroma and it reminds me of my days blending essential oils making my own homemade skin care and beauty products! Also the packaging of the serum is super pretty, and yes I am one of those people who are a sucker for pretty packaging! Most of all check out my skin! I naturally have very red undertones, and a bit of rosacea on my skin. I also have psoriasis, trust me, my skin is absolutely no fun to work with. I love the way this feels on my skin and it is not greasy at all!
I really do hope you will check into HoneyColony

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