Tea MD Daily Facial Cleanser Review and Coupon

I was approached by a company called Tea MD to do a review of their facial cleanser. I will admit right off the bat, the main reason I was interested in this product was because 1. I was about out of my own daily face cleanser, and 2. I love anything with the word “tea” in it or the use of tea tree oil. 

Tea MD Daily Facial Cleanser Review and Coupon
Tea MD Daily Facial Cleanser

You may have seen in some of my other posts about how much I swear by the natural healing powers of tea tree oil. I also blather on and on about my experience working with essential oils, and how I have pushed them on my kids and family for years now. So when I received Tea MD Daily Facial Cleanser I did not hesitate to break it out and use it right away. Another admission, the past week I have totally slacked on my skin care routine. We have all been feeling under the weather, been super busy, everyone’s schedules have changed, and well, my beauty routine has somewhat fallen apart. I have however been using my facial cleanser and moisturizer because that is the minim I will allow myself to make due with. With that said, when I cleansed my face with Tea MD Daily Face Cleanser, my first reaction was WOW! Well, let me go back a step, when I first unwrapped the package, the first thing I did next was unscrew the cap and sniff the product. That was my first WOW moment. The aroma was so uplifting, eye opening, just brightened up my day and literally made me smile! So then after that, when I used the product, I was wow’ed again! 

Okay so before I go on let me give you a little scoop of information from the Tea MD website:

Daily Facial Cleanser has been designed for gentle daily use for anyone–from toddlers to grownups–as well as those prone to bacterial acne conditions. Our goal in creating the Tea MD™ product line was to provide a product that is safe, natural, and healthy for skin. We also wanted to be unique and not mimic common products with their typical chemical ingredients, like benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. As a result, Tea MD™ Daily Facial Cleanser is made from a proprietary blend of all natural ingredients–it contains no additives, no preservatives, no artificial colors or perfumes and, most importantly, no toxins. Tea MD™ Daily Facial Cleanser treats your skin the way nature intended.

Okay so what stands out to me here is that this product is all natural, has no nasty junk in it, a toddler can safely use it, no artificial colors, or perfumes, and no toxins. All good to me, in fact great to me! Oh and it has tea tree oil in it. Yeah I know I keep harping on that. 

So look at how it arrived: 

Tea MD Daily Facial Cleanser Review and Coupon
Tea MD Daily Facial Cleanser

I love the intuitive note they sent me, it is as if they just knew I was already beautiful, haha! The thing is, they did make my face even more awesome! Like I said, the scent of the cleanser is amazing, and already I was feeling more alive, awake, because the coffee didn’t do it for me this morning, and then once I used it, perfection! 

Instantly my rough grainy skin felt smooth as a baby’s rump, even before applying moisturizer I my skin felt much more hydrated than it usually does with other cleansers, and as much as I hate to say it, this may just end my relationship with my former cleanser or many years. 

There are two ways to purchase Tea MD Daily Facial Cleanser, one is to buy it as you need it, one bottle at a time for $29.00 or you can join the club and get a bottle each month for a discounted price of #22.00 per bottle / per month. 

On the skin there is slightly tingling but not offensive sensation. The sent is not lingering so you won’t be smelling like tea tree oil all day, and it has a green earthy, minty aroma. You will absolutely love the way it makes your skin feel! 

Personally I hope that Tea MD makes more products for us to enjoy, and I have found my new regular cleanser. 

Also Tea MD has giving the readers of Fashion Beyond Forty this special discount code to use for 20% off a one bottle purchase – just use code BC1412 at checkout! Valid good through 11/18/2014 and also includes Free Shipping on US Orders. 

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