Storing Off Season Clothes

I live in Kansas, which means we have all four seasons, sometimes in one day! Kansas is an interesting climate, generally the weather is seasonal, but we have bursts of change during any given day, then the weather will somehow magically go back to “normal” again. Due to this it can make planning an outfit for the next day difficult.

Now granted, there does come those times in the year when you know it is time to start packing away spring and summer clothing, and dig out the winter clothing. This is what we have been working on in our home. The problem is there is this lull time in between the change of seasons where you can literally start your day off in a big coat, and layered clothing, and end up stripping down to a tank by mid day!

Because of this our bedrooms are pretty much a mess, to say the least.

Now since we moved, we all do have a lot more closet space than we ever had, so the need for storing away off season clothes is not as much as in the past. We do still need to clear out some of the seasonal items to make room for the incoming season however.

Basically we do this with containers, which I suppose is what most people do. This keeps out dust, derbies, and potential vermin, since we live in the country.

Fashion Beyond Forty Storing Off Season Clothes
Clothing Storage

The bigger issue, due to our climate, and how it can change in one day, even in the dead of winter, there are some things that I am not sure if I should put away or not. I face this every year. I suppose since I have plenty of space now I don’t need to worry about it as much, but it still bothers me somewhat because I would love to be able to say “That item is for summer”, or “This item is for winter.”

Take for example this top…

Fashion Beyond Forty Storing Off Season Clothes
Summer or Winter?

Normally I would say it is a summer top. It is a little sheer, and lightweight. However, it does have long sleeves, which you can’t tell by my photo, sorry about that. Regardless, this is one of those transitional tops that could in fact be worn on those warmer days, or worn under a blazer, or nice jacket when it is cooler out. Also, here in Kansas, it should be pretty cold right now, snowing more, we have only had one small snowfall so far! I remember when I was a kid there would be full on snow days in October! Not anymore! Now days you just don’t know what you are going to need or when!

I suppose I should not complain though. This crazy weather situation does allow me to make full use of almost my entire wardrobe for the most part, all year long. There is something to be said however, for unpacking winter’s sweaters, boots, coats, and such. It is so much fun to remember what you have after a long summer! Or getting out the summer clothing at the end of winter for that matter. There are things that are of course easy to decide on, such as shorts. Even with up and down weather patterns in Kansas we can rest assured, shorts season has passed!

Do you have seasons where you live? How do you store away the off season clothing you own? Do you also struggle with knowing what to put away and when? Share your thoughts and process with me in the comments below.

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