Nail Stenciling

My daughter had bought some craft supplies at the Dollar Tree before Halloween. We used them to decorate our pumpkins. Last night she came out of her room around midnight and said she had an idea that she had to try right away. So she did. This is a super easy way to get a salon look with a few inexpensive items and a DYI attitude. 

What you will need:

1. A roll of stencil tape found in the crafting section of Dollar Tree
3. Nail polish to paint your nails
2. Any dark, or vivid color nail polish for stencil coat
3. Top Coat
4. Scissors to cut stencil

Then it is simple from there! Photos will guide you through the process…

Fashion Beyond Forty Nail Stenciling
Simple Nail Art

All you have to do is cut the stencil tape, and apply to your polished fingernails. The tape will stick well to the nails. Then polish over the stencil. Delicately remove as not to smear the wet polish. Let dry, then go over your nails with a top coat. That is it! Simple and looks pretty cool! 

This was my daughter’s first attempt so she is sure with some practice and different use of stencil tape she can come up with some great ideas using mulitple colors of polish over the stencil! 

What do you think? I think it is a great idea for those of us how do not have a steady enough hand to do nail art on our own! 

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