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Do you need lip primer? What exactly does it do? 

If you are like me, you may have at some point lost touch a little with all the new cosmetic options available. While lip primer is not brand spanking new on the market, it is new to those of us who are a bit older, and perhaps spent less time in the last twenty years or so on ourselves, and more on our families. If you are anything like me, you probably spent more money on your kids than you did yourself. I know my daughter always had the latests trends in fashion, beauty, and hair supplies, while my son had any electronics he desired.

Lip primer is simple to understand, it prepares the lips for applying lipstick and keeps the lipstick from feathering, which as we get older becomes more important as those fine lines and wrinkles around the lips are what cause that feathering in the first place.

Lip primer can also boost the color of your lipstick, as well as provide a nice smooth canvas for applying your lip color on.

So do you need it? That depends. I like using mine. I find that it makes color last a little longer, and it does provide that smooth canvas for applying the color on. I also use a sugar scrub which you can read about by clicking the link, but that is used before primer or lip color. I also find using primer does keep my lip color from feathering or more so, running, keeping color neatly within the lines of my lips.

I use Two Faced Lip Insurance Lip Primer picture below:

Do you need lip primer? What exactly does it do?
Two Faced Lip Insurance Lip Primer

There are a lot of brands offering lip primer and I can’t say for sure that this is the best although it does get great reviews, but what if you do not want to add yet another product to your makeup arsenal? What if you don’t want to spend more money on cosmetics? Well there are some things you can do that will create some of the same things that people buy primer for.

If you want to keep your lip color from feathering or bleeding you can use lip liner, but if you do not have lip liner, well you will need to add that to your arsenal or buy that anyway. Plus, with a lip liner you need to match your lip color, which means buying more than one liner, unless you only wear one color of lip color. Lip Primer takes care of all colors you may apply to your lips. Granted you can use both a lip liner and lip primer if you want to. If you want your color to last longer you can apply a little powder, or powder foundation to your lips, apply your lip color, blot with a tissue, then reapply the lip color. This tends to lengthen your lip color’s lasting power as well. Also if you use a sugar scrub, linked above, you will have super smooth lips to begin with thus eliminating the need for primer to create that smooth surface.

So really, using primer or not is a choice, but it is nice to have options!

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