Lip Monthly Review and Coupon

Hello lovelies!

This is my review of Lip Monthly November 2014 Bag.

Lip Monthly is a 10.00 per month subscription service primarily focused on … you guessed it … lips!

While I love loading up on lippies, especially for only 10.00 per month, they also include some other goodies, which are always a nice surprise. Also you get a makeup bag included each month! For only 10.00 you just can’t beat it!

I love my Lip Monthly subscription personally it is one of my favorites! Please give them a try and use my link because they have one of the very best referral systems out there! If even one of you purchases a subscription, I get my next month free! Pretty good deal isn’t it! Once you sign up you also need only refer one new member to get your next month free!

Let’s take a look at what I got:

1. Ofra Lipliner Full Size $13.00 value
2. Hikari Lipstick Full Size $13.00 value
3. NYC Expert Last Lipstick Full Size $1.99 value
4. Crown Lip Brush Full Size $3.00 value
5. MMU City Color Cosmetics White Gold Shadow & Highlight Mousse Full Size $3.00 value
Total Retail Value of $34.99
I paid $10.00 – can’t beat it!

Fashion Beyond Forty Lip Monthly Review and Coupon
Notice the Coupon! Just please use my Link and then the Discount. 

Note: Upper right photo! Coupon code!! Please use my link to Lip Monthly then use code HOLIDAYLIPS for 5.00 off making your first Lip Monthly Bag only 5.00! Canceling is easy and you can do so at anytime!

Fashion Beyond Forty Lip Monthly Review and Coupon


Upper Left – bottom swatch is the MMU City Color Cosmetics White Gold Shadow & Highlight Mousse (more to come on that) above that is the NYC Lipstick in Purple Crush – I love this color!
Upper Right – on bottom Purple Crush from NYC Lipstick and top is Hikari in Cabernet – I love a good Cabernet! I am wearing this color in the photos to come.
Lower Left – On top is the Ofra Lipliner in color Maya, also used in photos below.
Lower Right – Crown Lip Brush.

I do not generally use a lip brush but I look forward to trying this out!

Fashion Beyond Forty Lip Monthly Review and Coupon
MMU City Color Cosmetics White Gold Shadow & Highlight Mousse

I was surprised at how fluffy this was when I opened it! No I did not read the label first lol I eagerly ripped the package open not knowing what it was and was like “huh?” then I read the package lol. The color IS that of white gold! I can’t wait to try this as a shadow and highlight! It glides into the skin so smoothly and I expect great results from it! Even better is that if I do love it, its only $4.00 to buy more! I am going to research if it comes in other colors.

And now for the silly stuff … and pretty … The Ofra Lipliner and the Hikari Lipstick on my lips:

Fashion Beyond Forty Lip Monthly Review and Coupon

Large and in charge we have these bold crazy lips and I love them! Well I love the liner and lip color anyway! The liner goes on like silk ladies! I love this stuff and truth be told, I do not have many lip liners, I think only one or two, so I am super stoked to get a lip liner this month! The Hakari lipstick is amazing! It does not rub off on my wine glass easily, oh yes, I am having a glass of wine, hence the funny lip selfies, and it glides on so smoothly! It feels very matte on the lips but has a shine like a gloss! LOVE totally love this lipstick! I love the color too and the liner matches the lipstick color perfectly. Also to the credit of the lip products, I put this lip color and liner on using a pocket mirror, so I am sure I could have done a better job.

All in all, very happy with Lip Monthly! Get yours and don’t forget to use the 5.00 off code HOLIDAYLIPS!

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