How To Get The Perfect Brow

Getting the perfect brow is much easier if you know some simple guidelines. There are three basic things you need to know for the perfect brow, and the perfect arch.

This may seem very rudimentary to many of you but for others you will have your “ah-ha” moment the way I did when my daughter and I had our brows done recently.

After my stylist Sarah explained it to me, it made perfect sense.

Fashion Beyond Forty How to get the perfect brow
Eyebrow Diagram

Your brow should begin parallel to your nose with the arch’s highest point being just on the outer edge of your iris. Your brow should end where a line would form a perfect V coming from the bottom of your nose. The image above shows it better than I can explain it. 

Again, many of you may be thinking how silly this post is, but there are some of us who never knew such things. I personally was not brought up to be all too concerned with such things, and we only know what we are taught. 

Since I only have my brows waxed once or twice a year, this information is going to make it much easier for me to keep mine in shape on my own. 

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