Happiness Is … Sweater Dress Weather

Oh how I love sweater weather, but what I love more is sweater dress weather! Yes sweater dress weather is here and I can’t wait to style a couple new gems I picked up! These two dresses were both on sale. The black dress, by Calvin Klein, I picked up at TJ Maxx, and the white one was a clearance sale item I snagged last season from Victoria’s Secret website.

Happiness Is ... Sweater Dress Weather
Black and White Sweater Dresses from Calvin Klein and TJ Maxx

The Calvin Klein black dress was marked on the CK label (center photo) at $134.00 but on the TJ Maxx label (upper center) was “compare at” price of $68.00, I happily only paid $39.99! The Victoria’s Secret Dress was also under $40.00 with shipping!

A note on Victoria’s Secret clothing…as much as I thought their clothing would run small in size, it does not! In fact if anything it runs slightly large! The white dress is a Large, and I wish I had bought a Medium! Granted I generally do fluctuate between a Medium and a Large, depending on what brand something is, what department I buy it from, etc but I have found time and again, I need a medium in VS items! Surprising since I always thought they catered more to the super model figure. I wore a Medium in the black CK dress.

The reason I am making this a Happiness Is post, is because once I am over this blasted cold I plan to actually style the dresses and wear them for you, in an actual fashion post, but with the weather getting cold here, I could not help but go ahead and share them!

I am so happy to have a black and a white sweater dress, I think I would like to have only one more, maybe in a brighter, more vivid color.

These dresses are perfect for wearing with leggings, or tights, tall boots, scarves, and cute handbags. I can’t wait to play around with accessorizing them! I will spare you of my attempts at this time until I am looking a little more above the weather, more in gear for sweater dress weather!

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