Happiness Is … Rock Bottom Sale Prices

I know we all love getting a good deal, and a great deal, well that is even better! Now granted, we are not talking high fashion here, but everyone needs some items that are just for kicking around in. Better yet, when we get those kicking around in items for mere cents, well, that is even better! 

My daughter went shopping for a few work clothing items, things she didn’t have such as button down blouses, which are typically just not her thing. In doing so she stumbled across a sale at Old Navy. Now we know Old Navy has some great sales, and good prices even when not on sale, but this just is something I have to do a happy dance about. 

My girl picked up four pair of shorts for next summer, two of herself, and two for me, for, are your ready for this … 

Happiness Is ... Rock Bottom Sale Prices

Yup, forty seven cents each! The lighter pair is boyfriend cut, I like that pair the best. The other pair is not necessarily something I would have ever paid full price for, or even regular sale price, but they will be perfect next summer for gardening with their pretty floral print. I also like that the boyfriend cut pair is made from 100% recycled material. 

So today, for me, Happiness Is … a rock bottom prices sale! You really can’t get more rock bottom than this, not even at the second hand store. A big thank you to my daughter for thinking of her mama while out shopping!

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